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Cisco media player software

cisco media player software

Platform services software and control panels help you to manage a network of DMPs. Combined with Cisco video acquisition infrastructure at the head-end, these. Security Advisory: Cisco Digital Media System DMM Open Redirect Vulnerability End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Digital Media Player G Mar-. User Guide for Cisco Digital Media Player Device Manager x Use the fully licensed Cisco Digital Signs software on your Digital Media Manager. TIGHTVNC VS ULTRAVNC 2011

Then, click Restart. Note Because you changed the password, your trusted DMM appliance — if any — is prevented temporarily from communicating with this DMP. Step 4 Stop. You can enable or disable various kinds of administrative access to your DMP.

Step 1 Click Management Services in the Settings list. Step 2 Enter or edit the required values, and then click Apply. Step 4 Click Save. Step 5 Stop. Step 2 Enter or edit the required values. Step 3 Click Apply to confirm that you are satisfied with the entries or changes that you made and to record them in volatile memory,. After you click Apply, the entries or changes take effect. However, the previously defined values will return the next time that your DMP restarts.

Step 4 Optional Would you like to put all changed values into effect permanently, so that they persist even after your DMP restarts? Table Elements on the Centralized Management Page. Table Elements on the Management Services Page. Indicates whether DMP login access is enabled or disabled for Cisco technical support staff.

This feature is enabled by default but, in most cases, we do not support any use of this feature by anyone except a Cisco employee. Note This feature must be enabled during firmware upgrades. Indicates whether you enabled or disabled the feature to send event notification messages to one, trusted DMM appliance that you can choose.

Note DMPs can mount only one shared volume at a time. The password must contain at least 8 characters and, of these, at least one character must be an uppercase letter, at least one must be a lowercase letter, and at least one must be a numeral. You must enter the password two times on the DMP Web Account page to confirm that you typed it correctly. The login name for the DMP Service user account. The factory default is to use the login name ftp.

The password that is associated with the DMP Service account login name. The factory default is to use the password admin , but we warned you to change it when you first set up your DMP. See the quick start guide for your DMP model type on Cisco. You must enter the password two times on the FTP Service Account page — one time apiece in each of these fields — to confirm that you typed it correctly.

Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Book Contents Book Contents. Find Matches in This Book. Log in to Save Content. PDF - Complete Book 2. Updated: February 12, A duration of 30, milliseconds 30 seconds is the factory default.

A duration of 1 millisecond turns off the splash screen. Any duration in the range from 2 to 5, milliseconds 5 seconds does not have any effect. Procedure Step 1 Click Browser in the Settings list. Video codecs. Audio codecs. Physical connectors. Maximum Supported Cable Length. Composite or RCA cable. HDMI 1. USB 2. Wireless connectivity. Wireless Radio. Security Protocols. Remote control. Transmitter Type.

Maximum Supported Distance. Infrared IR. Touchscreen support. Refer to the Compatibility Guide for a detailed list of supported vendors and models. Video in:. Audio in:. Video out:. Audio out:. Input voltage:. Input current:. Power consumption:. Flash memory. Operating temperature:. Ordering Information. Table 3. Product Name. Part Number. Cisco Digital Media Player G. Note: Includes Cables Accessory Kit. DMP Firmware Version 5. Note: A different part number applies when using the PUT tool under a maintenance contract.

This Spare Kit is an additional cost. Cisco Services.

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cisco media player software

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