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Configurer serveur css avec filezilla

configurer serveur css avec filezilla

You enjoy GuppY and you wish to help us with your knowledge and skills, customize by adding your customizations in the gorg.help-1s.ru with style config. htaccess est un fichier de configuration granulaire pour le logiciel Apache du serveur Web, utilisé pour définir ou modifier les paramètres de configuration du. I find it bit difficult to configure Filezilla along with Firewalld. So I disabled it, and switched back to old firewall system called iptables. I will update. COMODO STOCK

Templates possibilities have actually been really improved in this version5. Full customisation is possible depending on how well you can deal with cascading style sheets CSS. The first icon, Themes Config , allows to specify the general designs of the site default skin, smileys, avatars et general design theme and themes specific to the selected skin icons, counters. The new version of Config look allows you to create a skin, modify colors and graphics of the current skin or any other standard skin!

Don't forget to click on Save configuration to automatically generate the css style sheet. It is a "generic" style sheet that you can totally customize by adding your customizations in the styleplus. The file styleplus. Do not make manual corrections in the style. You must reserve your manual corrections to the styleplus file to keep them even if you generate the style.

It may be necessary to refresh the page to see the result. Please refer to the tutorial for using Config Look, available on this link. If your changes are not saved, this indicates that you need to modify the rights chmod for confskin. The administration page is completely independent and is not managed by skins in the skins directory.

This provides a great flexibility and many advantages :. Some hosters restrain the upload function HTTP. Function "Files" in admin will then be restrained, say at 2Mo. Just put a link in your web site for telling your mobile visitors how to access it. It means that you can use this script for free, modify it for your own use. If you distribute a modified version of it, this modified version has to comply to the CeCILL license as well. Please follow our recommendations about copyright concerning version 5 and following.

They musn't be hidden in any way CSS, images, videos, code modification, logosin matching or others. The only permission is granted to modify the shapes and colours of these logos to match at best with the graphic charter of the concerned site, taking care not to make them little or not visible. An exception is made for the author who does not submit his work to any license.

In that case, the author's right and intellectual property will applyle. We appreciate your support. All members of the GuppY Team are volunteers; they are involved in development, follwing-up, updates of the sites on their spare time and nights according to their possibilities.

If you like GuppY, you can indeed do a lot and distribute skins, plugins, forks and contribute to promoting GuppY by referencing it on specialised sites and directories. You've been participating in the project for a while, and wish to get involved further, then please contact us! You application will be put to the vote of the Team, and the majority will decide your coming in or not.

Here are a few ideas to improve it and for which your help will be more than welcome there are improvements for all kinds of good willing people :. The freeGuppY association keeps looking for members and volunteers to take on all the tasks linked with GuppY, or plainly take a subscription or make a donation to the association.

To make a donation or pay your subscription, just type in the desired amount next to the Paypal button, then click this PayPal button secured transaction :. To donate, you just have to fill in an amount the one given by default is a suggestion, we had to put one positive number there! We do address all our thanks to their authors for their work and for choosing licencesallowing their scripts to be freely used.

All rights reserved. Color picker Author: Stefan Petre www. PHPMailer Contact: via sourceforge. Lytebox Author: Markus F. Slider is a little dated but still works as well as ever. JeandePeyrat - The "Servers'servant! Saxbar - The "composer and musician" of php , Since August all GuppY versions rose from his keyboard, and this will not surprise you as computing, php and javascript writing and last but not least music are his passions. DJchouix - The scientist , a great developper has been working noiselessy for so many years.

He is the author of the new GuppY editors. Fred68 - GuppYed, tutos - GuppYed administrator and tutorials specialist, an excellent tutorial for CKEditor is one of his major works. Sabine - our design fairy, will in a trice dress up a lovely layout for GuppY, made in Quebec. Check out tht tutorial skins 5. Laroche - a GuppY geek who knows all subtleties and cogs on his fingertips, and not the least of squeak-killers!

Many thanks to all those who submit improvement ideas,Many thanks to all those who post comment or send warm encouragements. De plus, mon cas empire puisque chaque fois que je veux apporter un changement via l'administration, il y a destruction. J'essaie de m'expliquer : lorsque j'ai voulu ajouter une photo dans une galerie, toutes les photos ont disparu. Cordialement Marcello. J'aime bien avoir des pages un peu dynamiques qui permettent de zoomer ou agrandir les images, voir des slide-shows.

Merci de votre aide. Cordialement, Papinou Je suis membre de l'asso freeGuppY Un grand merci pour ce magnifique Guppy. Amicalement, Schmol Search Result - photos answers found for photos. En aucun cas Unite-Gallery n'est en cause, c'est une question de configuration. Bonjour, J'avais des photos qui ont disparues lorsque je clique sur " photos " qui peux me dire Bonjour, J'avais des photos qui ont disparues lorsque je clique sur " photos " qui peux me dire pourqoi Merci.

Must have additionnal documents to this readme file: GuppY Help Centre gatjers together online help, FAQ and tutorials, don't hesitate to refer to it! Online help: in every section of admin, you can see in the top right hand-side corner, an icon interrogation mark. The help text of the section will show at a click of this icon. If you wish, you may integrate this help into your site.

The FAQ will deal with very common questions to give some simple explanations. In other cases, you will be guided by a tutorial through the steps to take. Introduction Version 5. GuppY offer the whole array of usual features in a modern web portal: - news - articles - blog - links directory - downloas section - photos slideshow - guest book - forum - FAQ - poll - visits counter - clicks and download counters - newsletter - administration area - optionalmember area, private groups - url rewriting First setup To prepare a first installation of GuppY you must: Download the file guppyxx.

Unzip this guppy5x. A window appears for creating the main administrator's account, you can't miss it, here is a screenshot: You enter: the username you have chosen, then your password, you repeat your password, you add your email and register. Congratulations, you have just successfully installed GuppY!!! Upgrade You now have a running GuppY but you feel like upgrading it. Upgrade from the same main version applying the latest patch Your GuppY is already in the 5.

To achieve this, you can download patches on Freeguppy. And again there are two cases: either your Guppy is in the previous version for instance 5. In the 1st case, you will use the non cumulative patch 5. It allows upgrading from any intermediate version to 5. XX version. Installation with Installer Once relevant zip archive of the patch has been downloaded, go to Admin, then general Management and Install.

And you're done; tour site has been patched in the latest version of GuppY. Upgrade from a previous main version migration Important : the migration script is intended for websites running with version 4. Migration to version 5. XX from a version 4. XX Have downloaded the complete GuppY 5. XX pack always the latest complete pack for download. To migrate from version 4. Migration process: Run a "DB integrity check". Make sure it finds no error or run it again.

Back up all of your web site in 4. Store a copy of this backup in a new folder on your hard drive, or even better, on another drive. Delete the content of the plugins directory of the 4. Drag and drop contents of GuppY 5. Get connected to site for display. When showing, go straight to Admin, then Configurations and General Config to set up the site, particularly the url.

GuppY will suggest it: it will added at a a click on the arrow, then you add the default CHMOD your host and you add the nickname and email of the webmaster. Don't forget to click "Save" Attention! Some hosts cache data, in this case check Hosting with caching and leave the delay at 3. Launch install by clicking yellow button "Install" top left of Admin page. Choose migration and click "Let's go!

From the Server list, choose the target deployment server or server group. In the Local roots to upload area, create a list of root folders to upload. All the folders and files under the specified roots will be uploaded recursively. Switch to the Local Changes view to view the locally changed files.

Right-click a file, then select Deployment Upload to from the context menu, and choose the target deployment server or server group from the list. See Manage files under version control for details. In the After Commit area, choose the target server or server group from the Upload files to list. Choose one of the existing configurations or create a new one: click and configure access to the relevant server or set up a server group in the Deployment dialog that opens. To have your selection applied automatically in the future, select the Always use selected server or group of servers checkbox.

Changed files can be automatically uploaded only to the default deployment server. Open the Options dialog by doing one of the following:. From the main menu, choose Tools Deployment Options. From the Upload changed files automatically to the default server list, choose when you want PhpStorm to upload changed files:. To upload any manually or automatically saved file, choose Always. To upload only manually saved files, choose On explicit save action. If you enabled automatic upload, optionally configure the scope it should apply to:.

Select Skip external changes to exclude local changes that were made using a third-party tool a VCS, a script, and so on from automatic upload. Select Delete remote files when local are deleted to have PhpStorm automatically delete remote files during automatic uploads in case the local ones are deleted. Note that this option serves as an extra safety measure and may result in unwanted files remaining on the remote server.

As an example, consider a local file Foo. Since renaming a file is technically indistinguishable from deleting the file and creating a new one, the following will happen after automatic upload:. If the option is enabled, the remote server will only contain Bar.

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