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Cisco ios software 1841

cisco ios software 1841

Cisco Integrated Services Router IOS Software. For the following routers: CISCO, Modular Router w/2xFE, 2 WAN slots, 32 FL/ DR. These release notes describe new features and significant software components for the Cisco series routers that support Cisco IOS. Software Download. Downloads Home; Compare Features. Compare Software Features. COMODO INTERNET SECURITY MOBILE

Conditions The symptom is observed with the command default dest-ipaddr. Workaround Do not use the command default dest-ipaddr. This sets the address to 0. Symptom A Cisco router may crash when configuring the object id in config-event-objlist subconfiguration mode. Conditions This symptom is observed when entering the cns config notify command.

Symptom NIOS watchdog timer times out. Conditions This symptom is observed when an MC modem is power-cycled. Workaround Reload the router. Workaround Once the phone state changes, it will reflect the real state to the blf sessions. Symptom The CME does not process the incoming sip message. Conditions Call forward scenario where incoming sip messsage is received. Workaround Configure : voice service voip no notify redirect ip2ip. The IOS version is Workaround Use earlier IOS such as Remove voice source-group configuration.

Conditions Happens when the CME is loaded with Workaround Call will flow through. Symptom User can not press the button configured as trunk-dn monitor to pick up the parked call. Or user cannot press the button configured as M button to speed-dial. Conditions Pressing the monitor button, no OP. Symptom Not able to configure call-forward system redirecting-expanded. Conditions Not able to configure call-forward system redirecting-expanded on a router. Symptom After a license upgrade from 48 to 64 user license on a UC, the Cisco series phone registration fails with the following errors in debug ephone register output:.

The problem only occurs when the ephone tag value for this phone registration is 56 or higher. Workaround Use an ephone tag that is of lower numerical value. Ephone 55 or lower will work. Symptom When shared line has 2 calls, and these 2 calls disconnect at the same time, the port might hang. Symptom Build failure is happening for platform images. Conditions FXO ports are members of a huntgroup where the first member port is disconnected or down. Unconfigure max-retry.

Under each port, configure "timeouts power-denial 0" so that disconnected ports are moved to offhook state and will not be hunted. Symptom CPU profiling under interrupts is not reliable. Symptom A Cisco router reloads when trying to connect to irc. Conditions The symptom is observed only in the first 36 hours following a reload. Workaround Do not connect to irc. Conditions This happens when the CLI's parser chain was moved, hence missing them on the platforms. Need to ensure the parser chain is implemented as platform independent.

Symptom Consult transfer with third party sip endpoints results in one way audio when the third party endpoint has delayed response to resume request which includes change in rtp stream parameters i. Conditions sip supplementary services refer is disabled. Symptom IP connectivity fails for the interface following extended pings from FastEthernet interface.

The show interface command will indicate that the output queue is wedged:. No indication at this time that this is specific to these images. This problem has not yet been seen on an interface in full duplex mode. Symptom Router reloads with a bus error and no tracebacks.

The installed IOS version is any Workaround There is no known workaround available. Subsequent calls through that same channel continue to fail with "resource unavailable" cause value equal to 47 even after DSP resources have been made available to handle the call. The call must first fail with a legitimate DSP allocation error.

Any call made through the same channel as the failed call will also fail. DSP allocation failures on gateway can be checked through the use of the exec command show voice dsp group all. The last line of the show command output includes a counter for "DSP resource allocation failure". This issue can also be seen in some cases upon bootup.

When a gateway is reloaded, system resources will come up with a slightly different timing. If, for example, a PRI interface comes up before the DSP resources have fully initialized, there may be a similar failure. Workaround The workarounds are as follows:. When the gateway comes back up, take the voice-port out of shutdown. An increase of almost 10 percent in CPU utilization is observed with every voice call.

Workaround Remove the AIM compression card from the motherboard. Outbound calls to the SIP provider have one-way audio. The internal IP phone can hear the remote party, but the remote party cannot hear the internal IP phone.

Conditions TNP phones with firmware 8. Workaround Wait for about a minute, and the port will automatically recover back to registered. Symptom A call from a night hunt forwarded to BACD dial by an extension to an ephone call forwarding no answer to voicemail goes to the night hunt number and not the last redirected number. The packets will appear as output drops on the ATM interface statistics. Under the PVC level, there are no drops. The ATM interface s need to be bridge-group configured.

The bridge-group is in forwarding mode. Symptom The call-waiting tone will not be generated and the caller ID will not be displayed for the second call to a phone connected to a FXS port. Configuring either caller-id enable or caller-id enable type 2 on the FXS voice port will trigger this issue. Workaround Configuring caller-id enable type 1 under the voice port will provide call-waiting tone.

However, caller-id will not be provided for the second call. This timer dictates how long a T1 CAS, wink-start endpoint must remain offhook before completing a wink. Failure to expire the timer will cause the c to incorrectly classify a valid wink as invalid, failing outbound calls. Conditions This can happen when there is a brief period of increased CPU usage while a call is in the process of connecting.

In other words, a small spike in CPU usage can cause the time to fail to expire, thereby causing a wink failure. This may or may not help depending on the cause of the CPU spikes. A two way conversation is then established between Phone A xxx and Phone C zzz. Then the call is disconnected. With 8. Conditions If the calls come in a PRI or FXO interface, and a user on an active call on the octoline puts the call on hold while there is an incoming call, it will automatically answer the incoming call.

Approximately 13 seconds later the second call is dropped. If the user requires to put a call on hold while a new call is coming in, they must wait until the incoming call stops ringing. Symptom Memory fragmentation, no call accepted, no output for show run. Symptom A gateway may take an exception when receiving an inbound H call when the call is placed via ISDN overlap sending. Symptom Symptom A video call for a 3G H. Also, in the media sent to the endpoint, the video port is set to 0 as the debug state.

Symptom The dsp allocation signaling dspid command under voice-card on platform is not available. Conditions This issue is on platform alone. Symptom After upgrading to The amount of IO MEM allocated upon boot up of the router has not changed with respect to previous versions. This change in memory consumption is expected due to the integration of new features. Conditions This defect is seen on Symptom Call is terminated after aborting the transfer attempt. Conditions This problem is observed if transfer-digit-collect is not configured or configured as new , the default.

Workaround Configure transfer-digit-collect orig. Conditions c platform with HW crypto engine. Symptom Router continuously reboots. Conditions This symptom is observed when an NME is installed on the router. Workaround Replace or remove the NME Workaround Configure clock source line independent on all 4 DS1s. If that's not an option, downgrade to any IOS before Symptom The vlan. It has been observed that when the vlan. Customer needs to reconfigure them again after reboot.

Further Problem Description : When a customer is running an image that does not store the VTP and VLAN information in the start-up configuration or the normal output of show running-config, the vlan. The operating VTP information appears in the output of show running-config all which shows non-default and default values , indicating that the router considers the VTP information to be at default values even when there is a VTP domain name configured.

Conditions Running show mrcp client session active detail or show mrcp client session active and using MRCP v2. Workaround Do not run these commands. Conditions The problem is observed when the media server is no longer reachable from the VXML gateway.

The socket connection attempt is not successful but the VXML gateway does not release the socket. With each connection attempt the socket is incremented until the max of is reached. Once the max is reached, the VXML gateway will no longer attempt to open a socket to the media server until a reload occurs. Symptom There is a delay in the propagation of interface link down state. Link failure is detected with a huge delay once the other end of the link gets disconnected.

Workaround The default keepalive period is 10 seconds and the periodic function which updates the link state change runs on the order of keepalive time, hence it takes long time to detect the link down state.

If keepalive is set to 1 or 2 seconds, the time taken to detect link down is normal. If the UC is being managed using the command line, this problem is cosmetic in nature, but if it is being managed by CCA, then the VIC module will not be detected. However, it is possible the problem may be present on other VIC modules as well. All versions of UC software are affected. Workaround The problem may be able to be worked around in some cases by replacing the VIC module with a more recently manufactured unit.

The seized DN depends on how the auto-line is configured on the phone. Attempts at sustaining a conference or transcoding call fail, users get confused and open up TAC Service Requests. Workaround Not applicable. Symptom Unable to configure ds1 option on snmp-server host command, ambiguous command error. Conditions router running Symptom A call is placed on hold from an IP phone.

If the user resumes the call by lifting the handset, and then pressing the line button, the call will disconnect within 60 seconds. The precise time that it takes for the call to disconnect may vary seconds.

Conditions CME versions 7 and 7. Workaround If the call is resumed by pressing the line button or resumed before lifting the handset, the call will not disconnect. Symptom Crashinfo context is missing useful troubleshooting information. Conditions This is seen in any memory corruption crashinfos for the and Symptom A crash may occur on a CME when doing a web query on an ephone. Conditions The symptom is observed when doing a web query on an ephone and maximum SIP phones are not configured on the CME under voice register global.

Workaround Configure maximum supported SIP phones under voice register global. Conditions This is seen when the H. Workaround Disable H. Workaround The workaround is to track down the source of the call looping and correct the problem there. Conditions This happens when there are no available DSPs for the voice ports to use on bootup.

This indicates that analog voice ports did not have enough DSPs to initialize. Symptom A Cisco router may reload due to a bus error and show the following messages:. Symptom Gateway automatically reloads when minilogger is enabled and DSP crash occurs.

Symptom When using overlapping dial-plans between 2 CUCME sites, the "Placed Calls" directory of the originating phone will display the correct called number, but the incorrect called name. CUCME correlates the called number with the local username, even though a unique prefix was prepended, and dialed, to the main extension.

Sometimes the call stays up; other times it drops with cause temp failure. Workaround Use H. Symptom During consult transfer, if call on hold disconnects before user can dial the consult leg, the consult leg will drop. The disconnect times vary from seconds.

Conditions Phone A calls Phone B. Phone B hits the transfer button to do a consult transfer which places Phone A on hold. Phone A hangs up before Phone B can dial. Phone B dials Phone C. Call from phone B to Phone C is dropped after about 1 minute. Workaround Configuring transfer-digit-collect orig-call will abort the transfer attempt when the first leg disconnects.

Conditions The symptom is observed if the SNR number change menu is selected from an extension mobility phone. The router crashes after submitting the change. Workaround Configure an SNR under the user-profile or logout-profile with which the extension mobility phone is provisioned. When using IE8 this login information does not get properly propagated to the backend server B which results in redirection request to the login page from server B.

Use this release note with the documents and websites in this release note and the documents listed in the following sections:. It's not until you get to the heavier NP specialisations that you might need a specific IOS for a specific festure. And remember you can always copy the IOS between routers. I regularly swap mine around when I get tasks that require a specifc feature. Me, I prefer real kit mostly becasue all the time I spend trying to make GNS3 behave is better spent on labs than trying to make the thin that hosts the lab work What's my experience in all this?

I taught them for about three years for a Cisco accredited training company. I've been out of the classroom and back in the field for about 10 years now and I still use my 's for testing and labbing when it's time for exam retakes. And I still do a bit of "guest lecturing" for the same training company when they need cover and when I can dovetail it in with the day job.

But for the CCNA, they'll do just fine. But if you can, look at 's. Yes they cost more, but they're much closer to a current routetr than the which is more than 10 years EOL I think. It will be enough advsecurityk9? This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. I know that's very general, but I've been having a relatively hard time finding any IT related job that isn't basic help desk level one things.

I work in a fairly high level position doing mostly EDI and Salesforce maintenance. I am very willing to work h Do you guys think that the definition of "Entry Level" has been lost to these recruiters? I mean I have seen some job postings asking for crazy requirements and I was under the impression that entry-level was a job for people with little to no experience Today I get to announce the new Spiceworks virtual community, coming to our community soon.

The hallway will be lined with doors, each corresponding to the communi Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. You need to hear this.

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Redundant Power Supply. DC Power Support. AC Input Voltage. AC Input Current. Output Power. System Power Dissipation. Software Support. Operating Temperature. Operating Humidity. Nonoperating Temperature. Operating Altitude. Noise Level. Normal operating temperature:. Regulatory Compliance. Network Homologation. Modular Support. Ordering Information. Table 6. Ordering Information for Cisco Router. Product Number. Product Description.

Configurable Base Chassis. Security Bundles. Broadband Bundles. Table 7. List of Supported Images in Default image: cipbase-mz. Service and Support. For More Information. Cisco Series integrated services routers are the next evolution of the award-winning Cisco Series modular access routers.

The Cisco router features secure, fast, and high-quality delivery of multiple, concurrent services for small-to-medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices. The Cisco router offers embedded hardware-based encryption enabled by an optional Cisco IOS Software security image; further enhancement of VPN performance with an optional VPN acceleration module; an intrusion prevention system IPS and firewall functions; interfaces for a wide range of connectivity requirements, including support for optional integrated switch ports; plus sufficient performance and slot density for future network expansion and advanced applications as well as an integrated real-time clock.

Security has become a fundamental building block of any network, and Cisco routers play an important role in embedding security at the customer's access edge. In addition, the Cisco router offers bundled network security solutions with IPSEC and SSL VPN encryption-acceleration modules, making it the industry's most robust and adaptable security solution available for small-to-medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices.

As Figure 2 demonstrates, the Cisco Series routers help enable customers to deliver high-performance, concurrent, mission-critical data applications with integrated, end-to-end security. The new, high-performance and secure integrated services architecture of the Cisco router as shown in Figure 2 enables customers to deploy simultaneous services such as secured data communications with traditional IP routing at wire-speed performance.

By offering a hardware-based encryption on the motherboard that can be enabled with an optional Cisco IOS Software security image and the flexibility to integrate a wide array of services, modules, and interface cards, the Cisco router helps enable businesses to incorporate the functions of a standalone secure data solution.

The Cisco modular architecture has been specifically designed to meet requirements of small to medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices as well as service provider-managed applications for concurrent services at wire-speed performance. The Cisco router, together with other Cisco integrated services routers such as the Cisco Series, provide the broadest range of secure connectivity options in the industry combined with availability and reliability features. Table 1 gives the architecture features and benefits of the Cisco router.

The Cisco router provides enhanced modular capabilities while protecting customer investments. The modular architecture has been designed to provide the increased bandwidth and performance required to support concurrent, secure applications. Table 2 lists the modularity features and benefits of the Cisco router.

The newly designed high-speed WAN interface slots significantly increase the data-throughput capability up to Mbps aggregate. The Cisco Series features a built-in hardware-accelerated encryption on the motherboard that can be enabled with an optional Cisco IOS Software security image. Table 3 outlines router-integrated security features and benefits. The Cisco router continues the heritage of offering versatility, integration, and power to small-to-medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices.

It offers many enhancements to support the deployment of multiple integrated services in the branch office. Key features and benefits that lower the cost of ownership and improve ease of use are outlined in Table 4. This space-saving solution provides better manageability. These enhancements aid in reducing support costs and downtime.

As companies increase their security requirements and their need for integrated services, more intelligent office solutions are required. The best-in-class Cisco Series architecture has been specifically designed to meet these requirements for secure concurrent services at wire-speed performance.

The Cisco Router offers the opportunity to consolidate the functions of separate devices into a single, compact solution that can be remotely managed. By providing integrated services, as well as great modular density and high performance, the Cisco router provides security, versatility, scalability, and flexibility for multiple applications to the small-to-medium-sized office and small enterprise branch office, and the service provider customer edge.

The Cisco router provides customers with the industry's most flexible, secure, and adaptable infrastructure to meet both today's and tomorrow's business requirements for maximum investment protection. Table 5 gives product specifications of the Cisco Router. Table 6 gives ordering information for the Cisco Router. Cisco List of Supported Images in Leading-edge technology deserves leading-edge support. Cisco offers a wide range of services programs to accelerate customer success.

These innovative services programs are delivered through a unique combination of people, processes, tools, and partners, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. Cisco services help you protect your network investment, optimize network operations, and prepare your network for new applications to extend network intelligence and the power of your business. Support options range from help-desk assistance to proactive, onsite consultation.

All support contracts include:. For more information about Cisco products, contact:. Conditions The packets must be received on a trunk enabled port. Further Information: On the 13th September , Phenoelit Group posted an advisory containing three vulnerabilities:. Cisco's statement and further information are available on the Cisco public website at:.

Symptom Cisco devices running an affected version of Internetwork Operating System IOS which supports Session Initiation Protocol SIP are affected by a vulnerability that may lead to a reload of the device when receiving a specific series of packets destined to port There are no known instances of intentional exploitation of this issue.

However, Cisco has observed data streams that appear to be unintentionally triggering the vulnerability. Workaround Workarounds exist to mitigate the effects of this problem on devices which do not require SIP. These include:. TCP signature engine may cause a router to crash resulting in a denial of service. There are mitigations and workarounds for these vulnerabilities. Symptom Malformed SSL packets may cause a router to leak multiple memory blocks.

Conditions This symptom is observed on a Cisco router that has the ip http secure server command enabled. Workaround Disable the ip http secure server command. To exploit this vulnerability an offending IPv6 packet must be targeted to the device. Packets that are routed throughout the router can not trigger this vulnerability. Successful exploitation will prevent the interface from receiving any additional traffic. Only the interface on which the vulnerability was exploited will be affected.

Cisco is providing fixed software to address this issue. There are workarounds available to mitigate the effects of the vulnerability. These vulnerabilities include Denial of Service, improper verification of user credentials and the ability to read or write any file in the device's file system, including the device's saved configuration, which may include passwords or other sensitive information.

Cisco has released free software updates that address this vulnerability. Workarounds that mitigate this vulnerability are available. Symptom When you reload a Cisco series, the router may hang. Conditions This symptom is observed on a Cisco series when you attempt to run the centservices-mz image of Cisco IOS Release The symptom may also occur in other releases. Workaround There is no workaround. Conditions The authenticate register command is configured under the voice register global command when CME is acting as a registrar.

Workaround Disable the authenticate register command under the voice register global command. Further Problem Description: In registrar functionality, CME challenges an inbound register request with a response. If the authenticate register command is configured under the voice register global command, the Registering Endpoint then ends a Register Request with Credentials.

The Gateway Stack is not processing this request and is dropping it. Symptom Specifically crafted CDP packets can cause a router to allocate and keep extra memory. Exploitation of this behavior by sending multiple specifically crafted CDP packets could cause memory allocation problems on the router. Further Problem Description: Because CDP is a Layer-2 protocol, the symptom can only be triggered by routers that reside on the same network segment. Note that the symptom does not occur in Release Cisco IOS Software has been enhanced with the introduction of additional software checks to signal improper use of internal data structures.

This is a new error message. The following is an example. It is important to note that this error message does not imply that packet data is being corrupted. It does, however provide an early indicator of other conditions that can eventually lead to poor system performance or an IOS restart.

Recommended Action Collect "show tech-support" command output and open a service request with the Technical Assistance Center TAC or designated support organization. These vulnerabilities can be exploited when processing a malformed SNMPv3 message. These vulnerabilities could allow the disclosure of network information or may enable an attacker to perform configuration changes to vulnerable devices. The SNMP server is an optional service that is disabled by default.

Only SNMPv3 is impacted by these vulnerabilities. Workaround Workarounds are available for mitigating the impact of the vulnerabilities described in this document. Symptom An analog or digital CAS port enters a state in which inbound or outbound calls, or both, may no longer function through the port.

When this problem occurs, it impacts multiple ports that share the same signaling DSP. If a problem occurs only on a single voice port, there is another problem, not this caveat CSCse The output typically should be a single octet value for register When the symptom occurs, information for Registers 40, 41, and 42 is presented and some of the registers show double- octet information.

The output typically should be a single octet value for each register. Workaround: There is no workaround to prevent the symptom from occurring. When the symptom has occurred, you must reload the gateway to restore proper operation. These changes have been shown to help mitigate this problem in the majority of cases.

This mechanism will trigger immediately if the impacted voice port is an analog FXO port. For other voice ports, a delay in the detection will be present and it is possible to see the symptom of this problem before the recovery code triggers. Note that the reset mechanism will cause any active calls utilizing the DSP in question to be dropped.

It is recommended if running with modules which can be impacted by this issue to upgrade to a release of software which contains the changes in CSCse Note that this output is sent at debug level and it is recommended to enable either syslog or logging buffered on the gateway. Logging buffered on the gateway is enabled through the global command logging buffered debug as an example to set the logging buffered to use 50K bytes of processor memory for logging.

The output of the log can be seen with the exec command show log. A calls B. B does an at-alert transfer to C. While C is ringing, B does a ringing pickup on C's extension. One way voice results with B being unable to hear A. Symptom No support for media flow-around in h passthru mode. Symptom Traceback seen on the gatekeeper while deleting endpoint max-calls CLI.

Symptom When trying to configure call-waiting ring on a ephone-dn x , the configuration is accepted, but cannot be seen in the configuration in show running. Symptom Router may reload due to fragmented RTP packets. This is a platform independent problem. This is not correct. Symptom Analog phones connected to the Cisco VG voice gateway can establish a three-party conference.

After establishing the three-party conference, it is not sustained, the Cisco VG phone is fed with re-order tone. These vulnerabilities pertain to the following protocols or features:. Fixed Cisco IOS software listed in the Software Versions and Fixes section contains fixes for all vulnerabilities mentioned in this advisory. There are no workarounds available to mitigate the effects of any of the vulnerabilities apart from disabling the protocol or feature itself.

Each Advisory lists the releases that correct the vulnerability described in the Advisory, and the Advisories also detail the releases that correct the vulnerabilities for all four Cisco IOS issues. Individual publication links are listed below:. This vulnerability affects all three methods of operation.

This vulnerability could allow valid users to retrieve or write to any file on the device's filesystem, including the device's saved configuration. This configuration file may include passwords or other sensitive information. Devices that are not specifically configured to enable the Cisco IOS Secure Copy Server service are not affected by this vulnerability. Successful exploitation on an affected device running Cisco IOS XR will not result in a crash of the device itself, but may result in a crash of the IPv6 subsystem.

The following sections describe the documentation available for the Cisco modular integrated services router. Typically, these documents consist of hardware and software installation guides, Cisco IOS configuration and command references, system error messages, feature modules, and other documents.

Documentation is available as printed manuals or electronic documents, except for feature modules, which are available online on Cisco. The following documents are specific to Release They are located on Cisco. Hardware installation guides, configuration and command reference guides, and additional documents specific to theCisco modular integrated services routers are available on Cisco.

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