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Cisco voice simulation software

cisco voice simulation software

Am currently studying the cisco callmanager administartion guide,but none of my network routers is voice enabled,i want to study while i practise the. Cisco Jabber delivers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence. Find the right people. i just want to show voip/voice functionality between two branches in my project. i suposed to buy ip phones for it but my tutor told me to get a cisco voice. ANYDESK FOR WINDOWS 8 DOWNLOAD

In this mode, Cisco IP Communicator offers the highest-quality voice communications capabilities. Handset mode. Speakerphone mode. Cisco IP Communicator converts a computer into a full-duplex hands-free speakerphone. Call Features. Call recording. The solution offers an efficient way to record calls with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6. Multiple lines and directory numbers. Cisco IP Communicator can handle multiple calls. Configurable speed dials. You can make calls to often-used numbers very quickly.

Calling name and number display. You can see who is calling before answering a call. Call waiting. The application alerts you when another call is waiting and you are on an existing call. Call forward. You can have all of your phone calls forwarded to another number. Call transfer. You can transfer a phone call to another number.

Three-way-calling conference. You can talk with more than one person at the same time. Call park. You can place a call on hold and then pick it up from any other Cisco Unified Communications Manager endpoint. Call pickup. You can pick up a call placed to a group.

You can quickly call the last dialed number. You can place the current call on hold. You can interrupt a call that is currently taking place. You can have a call made as soon as a line becomes free. Extension mobility.

You can use any phone when travelling to a different office. Message-waiting indicator MWI. The application alerts you immediately when you have voicemail messages waiting to be read. You can have your calls diverted to your voicemail. Meet-Me conferencing. You can start an impromptu audio conference with other Cisco Communications Manager endpoints. Group pickup. You can pick up a call when it is set up as part of a group.

Do not disturb. You can stop incoming calls when ringing would be disruptive. Mobility soft key. You can hand off calls transparently to another number for example, a cell phone. Contact Center Features. Silent monitoring. Contact Center Supervisors can observe call center agents call activity without the agent or customer being aware. Agent greeting. You can play a prerecorded message to both an agent and the customer when a contact center call is in session.

Whisper announcement. You can play a prerecorded announcement message that a customer cannot hear to an agent. Audio Features. High-quality audio. Audio codecs include G. Audio tuning wizard. You can choose whether to listen to calls through a headset, through the computer speakers, or through a handset. Audio statistics tracking and analysis. You can diagnose any call-quality problems by looking up adaptive jitter buffer, acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression, voice activity detection, packet-loss concealment, automatic gain control, Microsoft Windows generic quality-of-service GQoS support, and IP Precedence differentiated services code point [DSCP] audio priority.

Ring tones. You can select from more than 24 ring tones. Flexible protocol choices. VPN support. The application supports both Cisco VPN 5. Support of HID is based on telephony device page 0x0B and supporting keypad, hook-switch, and mute functions.

These devices have passed lab testing and met interoperability criteria, helping ensure that Cisco product specifications have been reached. Drag-and-drop dialing. You can drag a phone number from another application and drop it into Cisco IP Communicator to initiate a call. Copy-and-paste dialing. You can copy a phone number from another application and drop it into Cisco IP Communicator to initiate a call.

Alphanumeric translation. You can use the keyboard to enter letters for phone numbers and they will be translated into numbers for example, MOVIES. Nonintrusive call notification. A notification will appear on your screen when an incoming call arrives. You can ignore the notification or answer the call from the notification. Keyboard shortcuts. You can quickly perform common actions with shortcuts from the keyboard for example, press the ESCAPE key to hang up a call. Non MAC-address based device names.

For Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6. Multilanguage support. Multiple display options. Cisco Unified Video Advantage Release 2. Cisco IP Communicator turns audio calls into audio and video calls. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Watch video Contact Cisco. Get a call from Sales. Introducing Cisco Jabber Capabilities and benefits.

Explore the key features to Cisco Jabber. Get Jabber for the devices you use. Jabber for Windows Collaborate with your teams, wherever they are. Jabber for Android Collaborate anywhere on your Android smartphone and tablet. The power of the hub Discover the power of the hub as your launch pad for connecting and collaborating with Cisco Jabber. View video Analyst reports.

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