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Firewall comodo windows 2003

firewall comodo windows 2003

Comodo free firewall software download with the best antivirus software offers online threat protection. Download world no.1 best free firewall of I've used comodo firewall before and really liked it. I actually just switched my personal laptop to comodo Internet security last night. Comodo Antivirus for Servers supports the following MS Server operating systems: Windows Server Windows Small Business Server Windows Server COMODO CLEANER FREE

I could be wrong though Also look into Astaro now part of Sophos , they have a full-blown multi-function FW you provide the hardware for home use. I would use Clam for the AV. It does not provide real time scanning of files, but I don't like that for servers anyway! Use a hardware based firewall to protect the network, I use PFSense with Untangle running underneath it for ad removal etc. I'd go with Nick42 and suggest pfSense as far as a firewall implementation.

It makes for a great home router replacement, and is very powerful. Thanks for all the input. I think I'll go ahead and plan on testing pfSense and Astaro to see which I prefer. Then, I'll probably run Clam AV on my servers and then set up a daily scan. Will the hardware I set either of these up on need a second NIC? Normally, it doesn't install on server system, but simply decompress the. AV's can be free for a reason. You'll need to find a really reliable one along with Firewalls etc..

I use Avira at home but I think the advantages of the paid for version are well worth the small extra expense! It's cheap for home usage and is not limited to Desktop OS only. It's been so long since I've "read" it I've used comodo firewall before and really liked it. I actually just switched my personal laptop to comodo Internet security last night. Thanks again for all the advice. You've all given me a great place to start researching.

For my home server r2 , I use Comodo internet security Comodo ESM 3. They are offering 10 user licenses free, and you only have to renew the "freeness" if its wasn't a viable word before, it is now every year:. The starting point for new installations of CESM 3. All we ask is, in order to continue using these free licenses, that they be renewed on an annual basis. Their reply was to request the 10 pack under a different account Yeah, I scratched my head too.

The second question in my email was to address the apparent lack of support for Server products as listed on their main product page :. The reply to that was a link to a much more comprehensive requirements spec on their help page here. So far, and not yet even having looked at the installer since downloading it, Comodo seems to be a bit I can only hope that it is a case of absent minded staff and their products are better than their website upkeep.

Comodo has been a great product. ESM is really just a glorified install program to push the client out to the workstations on a domain although it will work in other scenarios. ClamAV will work on servers except it does not handle real-time scanning; only Manual, initiated scanning.

Does anybody know if Clam is compatible with Server ? My physical server is going to be running if that makes any difference. I'd imagine that it can be installed, even if it is not on the supported list. One of the main reasons I never pursued Clam as a server product was all the "hacks" to get it to work, but even then without any RT scan capabilities.

According to acald, there is a development to use Clam in a RT scan, but doing it as a 3rd party. Not something I would look to use on any type of server worth having AV on. I'll be installing Comodo tonight on my lab STD server to see how well it handles a clean system and what kind of idle loads it sustains.

Well, 72 hours in and the only major kink was that Comodo tried to push a software update with a non-administrative user logged in and jammed itself up. Logging out allowed it to straighten itself out, but will have to wait and see what the folks at Comodo have to say about it. Otherwise, it seems to be running smoothly.

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To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. I know that's very general, but I've been having a relatively hard time finding any IT related job that isn't basic help desk level one things. I work in a fairly high level position doing mostly EDI and Salesforce maintenance. I am very willing to work h Do you guys think that the definition of "Entry Level" has been lost to these recruiters?

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What could take multiple guys 2 hours or more each to find is accessed in around 15 minutes on Experts Exchange. All rights reserved. Covered by US Patent. Come for the solution, stay for everything else. Welcome to our community! Any suggestions as to the best firewell for Windows Server ? The server is behind a NAT-router. It was running Comodo but I didn't particularly like it.

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What do I get with a subscription? With your subscription - you'll gain access to our exclusive IT community of thousands of IT pros. Best of all : free. Tip Top. CFP works great and is very effective, but has serious usability issues. A few patient techno-geeks will be able to tolerate this program, but it will never be popular among average users.

It's simply too "busy" and tedious, and I think the average person will soon tire of babysitting it. Other PFW's have a very easy learning mode, so it's not impossible to have it both ways. See the Freeware version of Ashampoo Personal Firewall. Ok, So all of the firewalls provide layers and i guess i need this.. I was using zonealarm and i truely did love it but the program makes a new laptop run slower than it should.

Comodo is great. I am just as comfy with it as i was with zonealarm. To anyone who is using the beta as a stable release, go to the site and grab version 2. Fileforum is for beta testing. Most programs will be ''beta'' : and unstable. Stable releases are normally at the products site. Btw, You guys shouldn't be worried about protection, Comodo is a great firewall. I have tested and messed with loads of firewalls and virus scanners.

So far I love nod32 for virus protection and comodo for a firewall. I also use superantispyware. Comodo is really worth it and i thank this company for making it free. The program is fantastic. It is just far more detailed than zonealarm was. After learning mode, you have to learn the program. It isn't too hard, in time you will and wonder why it was at all confusing.

It is all right there in front of you. All firewalls must be learned to a certian degree to be configured. To tell you the truth, this is the easiest so far. The other firewalls make you do much more.. There is one that does less than comodo but is really simple ''Dynamic Security Agent''.. Even with that, people are running into issues when it comes time to configure a specific program.. Comodo PFW is a very effective firewall. It does everything you could ever need.

I do have some major criticisms though. The learning mode is lame. When it hits on a new application, you have to dismiss up to a half dozen more screens to make it stop nagging. When choosing "Trusted Application", it should quit nagging immediately, but keeps on and on. I may be thinking wrong, but a trusted application should be trusted in every way, period.

Once it's through most of the training pains, I find it to be way too hard to configure. The menus are horribly complex, and the terminology is hard to figure out. There is a large learning curve even for experts. Sometimes more is less. Used this firewall through several upgrades and was very satisfied,until recently when it started to behave rather strangely,would lock up,got error on checking for updates,and websites and programs were inaccessible,not all only a few.

Suspicious to say the least,various scans found nothing,uninstalled Comodo and replaced it with Filescab firewall,no more problems. Unfortunate as I liked Comodo. Been using this on an XP maachine for several weeks, and am delighted with it. I am now connectable with this version. I simply selected it as a trusted running process.

I only want my fw to monitor processes which want access to the outside. Last version was from '06 but it's free and I am connectable and most importantly it isn't jacking with my cpu. Great Firewall you can see Comodo take good care of security.

By the way Betanews this Beta of Comodo is Vista ready. This is a nice firewall from Comodo. This is a beta version folks, so there are naturally bugs. They have a stable v2. Definitely not for new users or the faint of heart. It's a very good firewall, but be prepared for a learning curve.

Was impressed overall. However I did try it six different times! My major issue was on shutdown. The firewall would almost freeze the pc whereas it required cold shutdowns on numerous occasions. On my final try after shutdown my pc would just go into an endless loop and never boot up until I uninstalled Comodo in safe mode.

Also noticed that the firewall didn't pass the stealth test because it did respond to pings. When I did manage to get it to run it ran smoothly using approximately k of ram. Additionally I threw just about every kind of test I could come up with and it passed with flying colors!

Naturally Comodo did point out the fact that there where bugs so I basically have no fault with them. If they clear out the bugs I encountered I would then say that it is the best firewall I have ever used. Works beautifully on Vista, remembers the programs one allows unlike the alpha version, works seamlessly and flawlessly. Bravo Comodo. Top marks. Bought a second crappy pc just for minor things and i have just dial up on there with some free anti virus software. Figures, this Comodo requires sp2 for it to work and theres no way i'm going to clog the line with a 8 hour download to upgrade to xp sp2.

Didn't have this prob with Ad-aware, spybot or AVG. Also figures that on my old version of home xp, theres no windows firewall like in sp2. And i see the latest zone alarm is for vista only. Wish i would of saved the older version of that. So they got u by the balz either way these companies. Finally updated on and had to as cpu use was way put of hand. Like the new interface totally. Tray icon is awesome Very powerful.

I hope there is a cure. The look of the application isn't bad, but the function of it was real slow. But I gave it a 3 anyway for the effort. Updater functionality to BETA releases. Not bad, but still a bit bloated? Any chance the final release will be a little more streamlined?

Probably not, but we can only hope. Think I'll go back to Kerio PF. Comodo Firewall is 3. Comodo Firewall is one of the best in the market. I really don't understand all this Comodo-hype, It looks ugly and buggy, and it is buggy, extremely buggy ever since its existence, and keeps forgetting things over and over again. Sure it scores high on those lousy leaktest ""tests"" They better test all those praised buggy firewall if they are able to run 14 days without going BSOD or trashing new program installs I wonder how much of those so called Godly firewalls would still be in the list This software is truly one of the best freeware firewalls.

You BET "it has bugs in it"! This version is absolute rubbish. It doesn't remember settings even if you check "remember my answer". Stick with the previous version or else just forget it and use Outpost Firewall instead. The latter runs rings around this. Comodo is goog but They should fix alot more bugs I would call this a "alpha" version.

But let's hope they fix those bugs soon. This does not. No configuration dialog whatsoever on my pc. It's like booting so u can see an icon in the tray. I have no doubt that by the time the final is released it will be a fine product, as are most of Comodo's offerings, but at the moment it is pretty buggy. And yes the entomologist bit was a small attempt at some humour, sad as it is.

Don't get me wrong I'm a Comodo fan too but I don't think being a fan should stop one from being critical, believe me when it cuts the mustard I'll be giving it 5 stars I've given it another star just for you ;-.

Or did you just try to be funny? A complete bugfest, the current version can't even remember an IP-adress after a reboot, loses all rules after a reboot. Quite good for an alpha. Can't wait for the final release. Still no version for Vista? It would seem that the software authors have had plenty of time to prepare a Vista version. Yes, the number of Vista machines is still low, but everytime somebody replaces an old computer or buys a new one, another Vista machine is added.

I've recently had to replace two computers out of 4 in my home, and now half my computers are Vista the other two are Ubuntu. Comodo's Alphas are very stable for an Alphas. Comodo recommend the Alpha for Test Systems only ie. The eventual Beta will probably be better for you. Comodo's support forums are also worth a look. Very helpful. CFP 3. Very good firewall. Very effective. A point off because the learning mode does not work that great.

Even though I select to give certain apps full access, it keeps hitting on them. I have to manually put them in an ignore list. What a pain! But overall, it's a great program. I give this a low rating cos I can't get the previous version to uninstal and the newest version can't replace the last information that the uninstallation left.

I had a huge problem with version 2 where to only solution was to "zap" the WMI repository folder. Caused wide scale problems with anit-virus and Windows Update. I ended up removing it. So far it seems pretty good for an Alpha. My only gripe is they may need to have a little better auto allow system so that it doesn't ask about everything.

Although this is still not really a problem because once you get it set up it's fine. Not bad compared to the latest stable version altough this version keeps asking almost anything like can explorer start Notepad or can notepad use keyboard for writing. That's veeeery irritating. I like this program. Maybe it is not fit for some powerusers?! Maybe a littlebit too talkative for my taste. I agree, for an Alpha CFP 3 is very good. You can specify a single port, a range of ports or a group of ports..

I don't see any problem with the defining of ports. The groups are a nice touch. Did you review the correct version? High rating to null the low ones. This is not a fair evaluation system. Because these versions are still in development, giving them a bad review which is highly probable given they are unstable by definition should not reflect on the last stable release of that product.

Giving this a 5 to counteract any bad ratings given. Working just fine so far. I'd like to know what the hell being a power user has to do with a firewall. This is probably the most secure freeware software firewall for Windows out there, but it does have a major problem with proper rule creation for individual applications. For example, in order to allow incoming eMule or Bittorrent connections vital to proper operation, simply telling Comodo to allow all activities for the clients doesn't work.

You have to create custom global rules opening the corresponding listening port s for each client. That's just messy. Comodo, in addition to making it more difficult than it has to be to allow network apps that require incoming connections to operate properly, basically makes it impossible to use random ports for P2P networks.

But it is free, and the security it offers is second to none when configured properly. If they fix the issue I outlined above, I'd have no hesitation in giving it the highest rating possible. Things that it could do better at: -I had to turn off the OLE checking as it kept asking permission to allow it.

Despite answering OK many s of times. I originally downloaded this from a German site and I think it's outstanding. Instructions are clear and precise. Try it, you'll like it. CFP is not listed as compatible with Vista. Vista clearly states before using XP compatibility mode that it is NOT recommended for security software. This firewall is absolutely outstanding. I've been a diehard Kerio user for years, but this one got me to switch. Comodo scored the highest in all of their tests.

For all those looking for a good, Vista-compatible firewall, check out Jetico Personal Firewall. That one scored second highest on the list I linked above. XP SP2 mode for install, 'as administrator' as well. It installed.

It ran. Couldn't do a thing with it! Had to uninstall the whole thing. Oh, and it didn't disable my Vista firewall.. Have to disable IPV6? Who knows. Best firewall out there hands down. Now if they would just hurry up and get that Vista version out!!! I was going to give it a 4 for this, but decided to give it a 5 to make up for all of the reviews that "claim" it is bloat ware when it is not and also it does not and never has crashed my computer.

I also don't get the repeated approval request either. The first time I tried this firewall, it would not allow me to connect to the internet no matter what I did. It also did not start properly among other little things to drive you nuts. But I went to their forums on this most recent build and read up and it and what the makers had to say. Remove all traces of other firewalls you may have had including getting them out of your registry. That took very little time to do that.

So I installed this new software and today it upgraded to the latest build all by itself and I have had no problems with it at all. It works fine and does a good job. I see people have complained that they had to approve over and over again software to gain access to the internet, that must be fixed now as that is not what I have had to do.

The little irritations that this software some were not so little are gone, well at least for me, as I followed instructions on it from their forums. I also have NOT noticed it breaking windows security center or anti virus settings or anything else. I rate this a 5 now, as it works excellently and I like it. Mistakes happen, with software and those who install software, that is human nature, not much we can do about that.

Most people will have no problems with this software if they follow instructions which are mostly given to you at install time. Those who do have problems go to their forums and ask about it. But for me, this works well and is a fine piece of software, does the job, did not break anything was easy to install. NO fw is better than this. Impossible for it to configure utorrent connectibility properly and therefore some sites won't let me connect at all.

Great firewall for most purposes, setting it on custom access means you don't have to put a thousand manual customizations, I'd rather check a box and click OK than do nerdy configurations all day. Much better than Zonealarm 7. Comodo is comparable with Outpost. Butt-ugly, heavy on resources, buggy, extremely clumsy to configure properly, always in the mood to thow you a nice BSOD.

That's why people alternate between using the perfect Firewall Kerio 2. Used this firewall for a while. Has a lot of features but "breaks" Windows Security Center. Their own recommended solution is to erase the Repository folder of WMI. This then breaks most anti-virus settings and Windows auto-update configuration. Reomved it and reverted back to ZA.

Until they create a better "fix" for the firewall setting in Windows Security Center, I will rate it low. I've been using this program for a while, and I finally had to write a review because the rating of this is way to high and needs to be brought down. I personally recommend Outpost, which I'll probably be switching back to soon. It can do the traditional ask once the first time you run each program or better yet just select allow most and then block them as you see things you don't want accessing the network.

It'll even tell you when a program has been modified since its last run. If anyone knows of a better, non-bloated firewall go ahead and name it and I'll give it a try, but as for Comodo it has serious usability issues. Comodo is very effective, but it has some serious usability issues for the casual home user. Most home users have many internet programs, and training Comodo to use all of them can be exasperating. I have approved Maxthon, Forte Agent, and other programs a dozen times, and it still asks for incoming and outgoing permissions.

That's inexcusable, because these issuse have been reported to the author. He has had plenty of time to resolve these problems. And why is is so hard to stop monitoring your own home network? Yes, it has good security, but it will drive a casual hime user nuts. Better choices among free firewalls are Ashampoo or Jetico, the former being my favorite at the moment.

In case is not too late for trying this, Firefox can be fully allowed to connect to internet simply by checking "Skip parent check", "Allow all activities for this application", "Allow invisible connection attempts" and "Skip Advanced security checks" from Application Control rule ofc, if you consider Firefox trustworthy enough.

This firewall is not bad, in fact I think it's currenlty the one that filter traffic the best, but for me it was just giving too many false alters, and after a few weeks of use it still hadn't learnt to always let Firefox connect to internet. If I reinstall Comodo, no more crashes. My computer has been taken hostage!!

Oh, and if I do a new Windows install with everything the same except no Comodo ever, everything works fine. And also if I reinstall Comodo everything works fine again As to the reboot, all I can so all things considered, oh well. I would highly recommend this FW to anyone.

I've tried using it a couple of times but I'm still not able to get it to work on my laptop each time I have to VPN into work as it will blue screen my computer after logging in. I thought it was a problem with the betas but not that it's officially out I thought it would have been resolved. Looks really good but still waiting to try it out fully. I have tried a lot of firewalls Kerio, Outpost, ZoneAlarm and this is the best of them. Comodo best! Outpost also good 3.

ZoneAlarm works ok, but some annoying bugs 4. Kerio had a lot of problems with it. Excellent, almost 5 but No upgrade if you are downloading 2. Strangely, when you are using the upgrade tool from 2. My 2 cents: English 7. Just like day 1, Comodo is still the dominant firewall available. Blocks trojans, hackers, and injectors. The only problem i have with 2. Why they removed it, I'm clueless, but if they kept that I would give it a 5. Keep it strong Comodo, and add the connection closer!

This is a VERY good firewall and if you spend sometime in their forums you will realise that it is far from finished, in terms of its future development. Not only is it a very good firewall the price makes it phenomenally good value as well :.

Best program I have found since paid for version of Sygate went away thanks Symantec for destroying a great product. Have tried Kerio, Norton, Zonealarm etc, this is the closest to the old Sygate where you could at least edit what you have and have not allowed. If they have a reasonably priced upgrade, I'd pay for it.

This free version works very well. Also the rules are a mess should at least been in subgroups. Failed the very first test. So far so good. I have been a longtime kerio user and I'm liking what I see with it so far so After reading many positive feedback, I decided to give it a try. First of all the issue of losing ALL settings in a new install.

The settings are written in the registry. You must uninstall first to install a newer version. Then you automatically lose your settings. Why, why, why? Yes, it doesn't use as much "memory" as other firewalls. But that doesn't end it. It uses constant CPU resource. Which equates the total system resource consumption in performance.

It asks permission even if I set it to all access. Uninstall Comodo Firewall Pro and then re-install new version and run reg key to re-instate the old settings. Currently the Download Servers and Forum Revieware down so cannot download. My review is for the last stable Version 2. Very configurable regarding network rules IF you require that aspect. Apart from that, it is a very responsive firewall that doesn't impact upon my system to any noticable degree.

For those that complain about having to restart twice and not migrating settings: Are you coming from a Beta version? There is no update path for a Beta version, which you'd realise if you hit the Update button. Personally, I would rather it didn't import any settings from a Beta version into final release as you have no idea what is redundant or changed.

I've not seen a "permission pop-up" since I updated to this new version early this morning. I didn't have to uninstall the old version first;, I just waited until I got a notice in the system tray that a Comodo update was available. I told it to go ahead and it updated just fine with now uninstall and no reteaching involved.

One nice piece of software and great protection too. Four out of five as system performance takes a greater hit than that of a BlackICE protected system. EXE if I remember well as I uninstalled it is the other one. So total is about 30MB. Cons: The update path sucks big time. First it requires you to un-install the previous version and forces a system reboot.

It seems to me that a program of this supposed quality would have a function to retain all previous learned safe modes. I wont be updating this again until the final version is available. Nice interface and freeware but : 30MB memory is too much! When an alert display, you cannot tune the rule before accepting it like Kerio of Kaspersky Internet Security. CMD component uses sometime lot of CPU whenever you are not doing network, may be it contain the feature that check what your application do appart from network transfert.

Following are the changes: 1 Fixed bug causing UPHClean not to load properly 2 Fixed bug causing incorrect traffic amount 3 Chinese setups have following corrections: a Font used size is slightly greater than it was in previous BETA so that charaters are visible.

This is true for text on images and used in general. Installed it at home and kept it for only two days then turned ZoneAlarm back. During the time I used it, my computer froze many times, I guess due to a memory leak on Comodo Firewall.

After turning ZoneAlarm back freezings were gone. I love this Program but it is difficult to Uninstall! My Security Center in XP says that it is still running. I am having some difficulty finding all of what is left after the Uninstall. I have been through the Regestry, Programs and Startup.

So, it appears that I am running two Firewalls!!! Still looking for remnants that are running. Having removed the previous build and then installed this one I am glad to write that my PDA is fully working, as being part of a trusted zone. I am pleased that I also got a response, albeit this build has been able to help to resolve my previous problem, from the official forum. No support offered within their forums even though a post was placed.

My previous post and the post at their forums gives more details. See your block list, and remove the block. I have had had same situation as you several times. This is the reason why I give 4 instead of 5. Somewhat annoying behaviour. Works fine for me so far, though I hate the name.

Sounds too much like commode, which is a terrible name for a piece of software although sometimes appropriate. PROS: Great program with an active community that includes the developers. Still my favorite free firewall, even better than some of the pay ones I tried. Refuses to give me an IP with my wireless nic on reboot.

I have had to disable it from starting and then reenable it after boot. I use Vidalia always enabled , but use FF with direct connect and this also seems to confuse it. I switched back to Agnitum as it has never let me down and works flawlessly with my config.

I have used Comodo in 3 machines last 6 months or so. Good firewall, however read good comments from justme at 27 Dec. If you deny applications Comodo may also block the service behind. In case of troubles, check out blocked items in Comodo. This would got 5 without that annoying behaviour. Regardless of how many times I set it as a trusted zone it gives a problem when the PDA is attached - it can't assign an IP address on Windows Mobile-based Device, although the range of IP addresses are allowed via Comodo.

Lets see if their support can help. I still rate it highly as I hope the issue can be sorted out. The only other 'issue' that I have noticed is that it is a little zealous when reporting application type hijacking, you really have to be careful what you deny!!! Fantastic, FREE firewall program. I'd have to give the edge to Outpost as a better firewall overall, but then again it isn't free.

The best free firewall but it's not without its quirks. For instance, expect lots of confusing popups where two programs are displayed. The top is the actual program that the firewall wants to allow or block while the bottom is a security warning. I've had programs try to use my browser to update. However, if you decide you want to block the program listed as a security warning , the browser will be blocked also and you can't surf. The browser will have to be restarted again to get it to work.

Shouldn't it be both? Kinda odd that it's on one and not the other. This would be a 5 if the firewall allowed locks like in ZA where a select program is allowed internet access during a lockout. Excellent firewall! Ofcourse it doesn't have anti-virus as it's only a firewall, but it doesn't slow my system down like ZA did. I'm using AVG Free for my anti-virus, and these two make a great combination, better than all other pay-for software that i've ever used by FAR.

One of the best firewalls for both freeware and shareware. One of the best things is the rules, which is for experts. You can do so many things with it, link get the IPs of ads examples: srvices. The logs are great too, they give you very detailed info about who was trying to hack you, what ports, how many bytes, and times.

This is a must download. Just wish it would show the speed of data instead of or in addition too how much data. Just amazing, I love this piece of software Great streamlined interface, works great no compatibility issues as with Zone Alarm, no system lag like Norton, my friend sort o' MADE me try this out by installing it on my laptop while i was gone and seriously I'm glad he did that before I renewed my Norton Internet Security subscription.

Had a similar issue with Outlook it didn't wat to start unless all Comodo modules were stopped service and control program. Still couldn't figure out what is was the setting were full permisive , but it was a previous beta. I think I give a try again usign this version - I was quite impressed and wated for a good firewall for sme time now. Honestly, I really don't care about your rant regarding the sorry state of firewalls in this forum.

The program listed above, Comodo Firewall Pro 2. I have never, ever in any of my time on the internet been bothered by any of the offending experiences you describe In any case, the point of this site is to review a specific piece of software, not to troll about band mouthing an industry or hoisting another product. Ever since people started scoffing at the close of the millennium, the primary function of an Internet PC's first line of defense has been grossly distorted. They said there was no way for a hacker to break in from the outside unless allowed in by a prospective victim, and that infected downloads were a bigger issue.

While the second part of this statement is true, the first part is far from it. Machines can indeed be invaded from the outside, especially when professional hackers started to embrace the concept of harnessing a worm's self-propogating ability to distribute Trojans for them. Comodo is just another example of today's misdirected firewall solution prototype: all IDS and little or no anti-hacker. Leaktester websites applaud this firewall's ability to block most Trojans from phoning home, while completely overlooking the fact that it is powerless to prevent them from slipping by in the first place.

I installed this firewall on a clean, fully patched machine prior to reconnecting the cable. Within minutes, the machine was overrun by the currently circulating SQL Slammer and Stack Bot, and the piggybacking Trojans had shut down System Restore and simply gained too much control for me to waste my time with attempted disinfection.

I restored from Acronis and moved on. I'm happy to say there is one effective freeware firewall called NetVeda Safety. While this familiar name may be dismissed by some due its unattractive scores on leaktests, its bulletproof protection against external attacks is the one reason why the hackers themselves use it!!! And who better to consult about PC vulnerabilities than the very people who exploit them? Bottom line: don't be mislead by leaktester propaganda.

Most vendors out there either focus on detection or prevention. And your first line of defense should be prevention. That's what firewalls were originally designed for! Note: Jetico also uses stateful inspection, and also does real well in the leaktests, but its unintuitive interface, forgetfulness with regard to permissions, intrusiveness, and compatibility issues can be a real turnoff.

A mini tutorial of how to open ports for eMule. First you must go at the "Network Monitor" panel. I tried to find out if there was a tweak I missed but couldn't. Now I'm using Kerio and it's back up to the speed Very powerfull! AV which is the top free antivirus at the moment. CPF blocks the main interface of Avast and prevent it to launch to do so, you must use the ashSimpl2.

One of the best, if not THE best currently free application firewalls. However, it is somewhat resource hungry. Not bad if you have a decent machine, but on older machines and with most of the features enabled, it can cause a perceptible slow-down. Also, in learning mode it does ask quite a lot of pop up questions initially about each app's access rights.

This might be an issue with beginner installations. Yes, these are very minor snags, but still, I hope it keeps on improving. Getting better and better with each release! Completly replaced ZoneAlarm on all my PCs, since finally I found a highly configurable firewall that's still easy to use. Thanks, Comodo! I started using this yesterday, and have had no issues with it todate.

It seems like a very good firewall. I lookforward to the final release. I just wish they would make it where I can see the actually speed that the data is moving instead of just how much. That is the only advantage I can see that Kerio has over this firewall.

I love this firewall. I was a long-time user of ZoneAlarm, but got tired how how bloated it was, as well as bogging my systems down. I then went to Outpost, unaware it was actually a downgrade in protection. Now I use this and I have no complaints thus far. Even the memory footprint is small. I can't believe it's freeware.

Like all good things, this will most likely change in the future. But I hope that my activation key will never expire like they claim. All the more reason to get this NOW. Please stop yelling. A terrific freeware firewall that has replaced ZoneAlarm on both of my PCs I had some difficulty at first, my fault most of it I had Sygate firewall that I just turned off and then installed Comodo - big mistake.

Next I had problems using shared files and folders from the other machine on my network - it really does help when you read the manual : Stopping repeated pop ups from applications that have been previously allowed and ticked seems to be a little problem as yet but now I've started to define them as a 'trusted application' and that seems better. Very impressed. Best firewall of its kind atm. For all who likes outpost, I loved outposts scores against leaktests before but after reading this I have to give it a three.

It passed the firewall tests I found online. However, I had a heck of a time trying to get it to learn which programs are safe. It kept popping up asking me about the same program, even after clicking the remember check box. I uninstalled it for the moment, maybe I will try it again later.

One thing have to say about Comodo products, they sure are easy on the eyes. Completely free firewall, this is the best one. It beats many of the payware firewalls. You can choose how much control popups you want.

As with every firewall it will need some initial learning. But since it has a big database of known apps the learning time is reduced significantly. The support is second to none at their forum. I have found all the answers I need there so I can not say anything about direct email contact with the support team though. You will probably read alot of praise for this firewall on various forums. When a software gets all this positive comments it is bound to have some negative ones too.

Some are valid but many are just written because some people cant take the hype and feel they need to complain just for the sake of it. You should not rely on any "side" - you should try it. Either you like Comodo or you dont. Nothing to loose since it is totally free with no hidden agenda.

It is really a "free lunch" :D. I really like this firewall. Used to like ZoneAlarm 4. BSOD whenever it starts. I tried the newest ZoneAlarm, but it seems so bloated and slow. This reminds me of the older ZoneAlarms, which is a good thing. Not quite as user friendly, but excellent for the price. This is good software, however need to improve: - it need to learn and list more safe software, such as kaspersky antivirus, Firefox, Maxthon, Outlook, YM, Etc. I hope we will see better Comodo.

Seems like a nice app. It works pretty well. As one said filesharing locally is disabled which was kind of annoying but I found the safezone feature and now it works fine. I had one major problem like one user said and then was when running full-screen games and the popup shows up behind the game screen and hence block the game from starting if it sends out data or requests incomming.

Zonealarm does the whole pop up box thing. It is fine,you will get used to it and start to love these programs I support this program fully. Great work,keep it up!! Do not waste your time with this crap. This firewall is fantastic. It installs easily, works well with AVG Plus and protects from all attacks out of the box. It's free too!

All the complaints of the pop up box asking permission is being a little picky. The bottom line is does it protect your computer from attacks or not? I can testify that it does and very well at that. Great product and I highly recommend it.

Pros: The installer will request you to uninstall other firewalls as highly recommended from me as possible , very good idea. The firewall passes the known tests shiny star. I wasn't able to create a connection with a file which would pass the firewall's attention if all settings are on. The component monitor is a nice feature, which is mising from many other titles, this can help you to prevent executable injection technics loading additional dll into an approved file.

The simple rule createing is quite easy, click Add, specify the rules, click ok. Another new feature is to specify parent, which can also pevent some hackers tricks like somehow the guy gots rights for a command prompt and would like to launch an approved application , 1 more plus. For the best defense, the user specified setting is the best but you should change it to learn the parent at the first usages.

Take care that even if you approve abcd The flood protection might help you to prevent DOS-based attacks, i think this can also prevent to work as a zombie. You have the ability to save the log in HTML format, looks fine for a review. It's free and i'll be later as well Author sad and the support through the forum is very good and it's userfriendly. They may even accept your ideas so you must give it a try! Cons: After the first meeting i had problem with it and it took time to find the answers to all my problem at the forum.

On the default level, too much basics are blocked like to see mapped drive, etc. The popup windows - which asks permissions - won't be on top of any other windows which leads to many failures if the actual program covers the window. This might happen with full screen games, etc. Not funny. There are confusing messages which users won't be able understand fe. At current release, it'll ask if the example. Without opened ports there is no seven hell to establish the connection.

The Advance settings are not yet clear what can prevent and what can stop to work. You can create rules which can kick each others, very funny I've opened a html file from my computer then CPF asked me if i allow IE to open up by a total commander parent So many questions about these functions.

I'd suggest CSV format for log files, too. As for this new build 2. This is a review of the version s released before 28 Sept Hopefully, the problems I found have been resolved with subsequent releases. Comodo is not a firewall for your tech-clueless mother, but I surmise the developers thought it would be. The interface needs significant work. Too many things are not made entirely clear to users.

Also, this firewall simply refuses to remember too many rules. I cannot begin to count the number of times I had to grant the same browser the same access in only three weeks of testing. After creating a rule the first time, the repetition quickly became a hassle, unproductive, and even counter-productive. The repeated requests for [supposedly] already granted permissions made this firewall frustrating, if not impossible, to use by every "normal" person I had use it for a couple of days.

That same repetition also meant I could not perform first-run setups for users and walk away. The permissions one thinks one has granted for an application will very likely be requested again. Note to developers: You are geeks; customers are not, and don't wish to be. You seem to have forgotten that simple maxim with this firewall. Every "normal" person who tested it also wanted it uninstalled. Unfortunately, I couldn't blame them. Impressive looking firewall with alot of features. And FREE.

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