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Heidisql demical places

heidisql demical places

DB stores DOUBLE column without the limits on the total number of digits and the number of digits after the decimal point. However, HeidiSQL. In this article, we would like to show you how to calculate the average of column values and display the result with no decimals in MS SQL Server. However, in Excel export, if your decimal separator is the comma, HeidiSQL detects that and uses semicolon as the field separator. This is. COMODO BACKUP RESTORE WITHOUT LOGIN

SQL seems to understand as it should that I'm declaring 3 columns and 4 values because of the "," separator. I've already searched in the forums and no one seems to propose a good solution besides changing system settings. I can't understand the difficulty of putting a config section to define the language settings for this kind of stuff in the client. I cannot reproduce that here, although I'm on a german Windows with comma as decimal separator, just like in your case.

The thing is that exporting float values in HeidiSQL does not have anything to do with the Windows locale. Values are exported as they come from MySQL. On my side exporting grid data as SQL Inserts to clipboard looks like this:. Hey, thanks for the reply. I think it is ok to show the locale in the datagrid, but by default, float values should always use ".

Maybe there is a way to inforce it when exporting. In that case I guess it's the server which returns the local formatted float value. That's not an option if you have the dot as the thousand separator in your language.

Just use your local number format and you're done. I thought that it would be easy to automatically convert the ". Yes, I could easily ignore the local settings of each user but I think this is not what the majority of users expect from HeidiSQL. Olaf posted 11 years ago. Just a friendly reminder : Please thread very carefully here.

I have experienced nothing but grief from this subject. You think doubles are a problem? Wait till you get dates. And what happens when you work in international environments en you get appended sets where parts have '. There seems to be no right solution. Satisfying one will immediately cause problems somewhere else.

Personally I would hail the day if ISO came to it senses and decided on one single format. Good luck.

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