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Citrix smartaccess

citrix smartaccess

"SmartAccess allows you to control access to published applications and desktops on a server through the use of Citrix Gateway session policies. In this blog I will show you how to use Citrix Smart access on the Netscaler to improve security by blocking client drive redirection from external. To configure SmartAccess, you need to configure Citrix Gateway settings on the Web Interface/StoreFront and configure session policies on. BLACK SCREEN ULTRAVNC

If you use the gateway with the ICA policy tied to it, and your connection matches the filter defined in the expression, an action will occur. The action decides what kind of access you should not have. Keep in mind that Smart Access policies tend to take precedence over Citrix policies as the Smart Access is configured on the initial connection.

Enter the Name, and define your expression. Browse to your Citrix Gateway Virtual Servers and select the applicable one for the policy you made. Your ICA policy should now work as intended. Be sure to share some of your cool expressions in the comments :. With SmartAccess you can configure policies in Citrix Studio relating to the connection being made via specific Citrix Gateways. There are a couple of prerequisites we need to complete before we are able to configure these policies.

Make sure to disable ICA only for the applicable gateway. Click the Citrix Virtual Gateway and edit it. Disable the ICA only checkbox if applicable. On your Citrix Studio server, edit the desired delivery group to filter the access. Make sure your. Farm name : matches that of the gateway server remember the callback Filter: matches that of the for example Session policy binding that you have active on your gateway. If your filter does not match, the icons will be hidden which can result in a much cleaner and securer environment.

The access policies and be utilized with custom pre-authentication policies or Session Policy bindings. There are many great use cases to be found around the internet, but now it is time to create your own! Have fun! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Carl, When setting up smart access. We have a netscaler vpx standard Will it still work? Do u have to set policies on the netscaler? The prerequisites need to be completed. ICA Only unchecked. Callback URL configured. Then you can adjust the Delivery Group to show or hide apps through any Gateway. That license seems to be limited to Gateway functionality only, correct? You are referring there to the Netscaler Standard, Enterprise and Platinum licenses, correct?

I have a Netscaler Gateway Enterprise license installed on an appliance running v But yes, only NetScaler Standard and higher have built-in licenses. Dear Carl, thanks always for your helpful articles. We have Carl… long time fan…. Are you asking how to add SmartAccess headers to StoreFront requests without requiring a callback? Postauth is assigned to the Session Policy expression, which means you can have different session policies apply depending on the results of the EPA scan.

For example, if EPA scan passes, session policy points you to a portal page. You can have a session policy without a EPA scan expression that takes you to an error page. Hey Carl! Smart Control only configured. Have you see this? I am just blocking client drives. Great article as usual, Carl. I found it only in the NetScaler feature matrix. Citrix eDocs still is lacking the important part of information …. Great article, thank you. I configured a policy in our environment to not create client printers for remote connections.

It works just fine on our internal NetScaler but as soon as I change the filter to the external gateway VIP name, it stops working allows local printer creation. Thanks again. The users are always presented with two authentication prompts; one at the gateway and one at StoreFront. I have a customer who needs to control access to his environment to only his thin client devices HP with Linux , as he is delivering their desktops via internet access but do not want their users to access it from anywhere else.

What are your recommendations in this scenario? You might be able to use User-Agent Header to control access, but be aware that User-Agent is easy to change by the user. We need to implement Smart Access NS version Or can you just make something up and place it in the Netscaler Gateway Config on the Storefront servers?

The callback is from StoreFront to Gateway. Make sure the Gateway certificate matches the DNS name. Would EPA be the way to accomplish this? I do not have a lot of NetScaler experience, but I am working with our Network engineering team to see if we can pull this off. Thanks in advance, you are the best and have helped me get through a lot of issues in our Citrix 7. The Policy expression would be client. EQ NOT or something like that.

Or you can create two policies, one that disables printing and one that leaves it the default. Then bind both policies to the Gateway but in the correct priority order. Thanks Carl! We are going to give that a shot and see how it goes. NetScaler sees the outer IP. That answers that for me! Thank you! I am not sure when we will implement the solution, but I will definitely write back and let you and everyone know how it goes. However, if we untick ICA Only, does that mean that we have to upgrade the license to allow for all our users, even if the majority purely use ICA?

Yes, Gateway Universal licenses are required for SmartAccess. We have Netscaler EPA is working, but the correspondingly Citrix Policy is not working. Any idea why this is not working or where to find helpful log files? Syslog should should you the failed scan. Hi Carl the scan is not the problem. This is working as expected. Depending on the result of the epa scan, another session policy is applied.

And a citrix policy example: drive mapping not allowed is linked with the session policy. So SmartAccess is not working. Carl, we use NetScaler 11 to make a endpoint analysis to check if a domain member or not. Can you tell me how to cause it.

Is it not working for anybody? If so, you might have to a Citrix Partner or Citrix Support to review your configuration. Dear Carl, thanks for your help! We have successfully build endpoint analysis environment. As you know, all the Roles are using hosted shared desktop from ONE delivery group, so we cannot use Policy Access in delivery group to classify different roles that who can get resource or cannot get resource by SmartAccess. SmartAccess is only configurable at the Delivery Group level.

Do you want it for each published desktop? In The Universal licenses are allocated to the hostname of the appliance click the gear icon , not the MAC address. In a High Availability pair, if each node has a different hostname then you can allocate the licenses to one hostname, then reallocate to the other hostname. On the top right, click Change authentication AAA settings.

At the top of the page, change the Maximum Number of Users to match your installed license count. Then click OK. This setting is commonly missed and if not configured it defaults to only 5 concurrent connections. Run asnp citrix. In the Basic Settings section, click the pencil icon. Click More. Once the prerequisites are in place, do the following as detailed below: Optionally, configure Endpoint Analysis.

Configure either SmartControl or SmartAccess. Endpoint Analysis Endpoint Analysis scans are completely optional. Typically, you create multiple Session Policies. One or more policies has Endpoint Analysis expressions. Use the drop-down menus to select the scan criteria. Then click Done. Change the Expression Type to Client Security. Use the Component drop-down to select a component. Scroll down to the Policies section and click the plus icon.

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Decouple the Citrix Workspace app icon. Configure the Citrix Workspace app home page on Citrix Gateway. Apply the Citrix Workspace app theme to the Citrix Gateway logon page. Create a custom theme for the Citrix Gateway logon page.

Citrix Gateway VPN client registry keys. Customize the user portal for VPN users. Prompt users to upgrade older or unsupported browsers by creating a custom page. Configure domain access for users. Enable clientless access persistent cookies. Save user settings for clientless access through Web Interface.

Configure the Client Choices page. Configure access scenario fallback. Configure connections for the Citrix Secure Access agent. Configure the number of user sessions. Configure time-out settings. Connect to internal network resources. Configure split tunneling. Configure client interception. Configure name service resolution. Enable proxy support for user connections. Configure address pools.

Support for VoIP phones. Configure Access Interface. Create and apply web and file share links. Traffic policies. Session policies. Configure Citrix Gateway session policies for StoreFront. Advanced policy support for Enterprise bookmarks. Endpoint polices. Preauthentication policies and profiles. Post-authentication policies. Preauthentication security expressions for user devices. EPA as a factor in nFactor authentication. Advanced Endpoint Analysis scans.

Manage user sessions. Always On. Integrate Citrix Gateway with Citrix products. How users connect to applications, desktops, and ShareFile. Integrate Citrix Gateway with StoreFront. Configure settings for your Citrix Endpoint Management Environment. Configure load balancing servers for Citrix Endpoint Management. Configure domain and security token authentication for Citrix Endpoint Management. Configure client certificate or client certificate and domain authentication.

Microsoft Intune Integration. Configuring Network Access Control device check for Citrix Gateway virtual server for single factor authentication deployment. Configuring a Citrix Gateway application on the Azure portal. L7 Latency Thresholding. RDP Proxy. Stateless RDP Proxy.

RDP connection redirection. Configure the file name for RDP apps. Outbound ICA Proxy support. Configuration support for SameSite cookie attribute. RfWebUI configuration parameters. Citrix Gateway portal customizations. Citrix Gateway portal customization using custom plug-ins. Create and customize login schema. Portal customizations from the Admin UI. Configuring Server Name Indication Extension. Simplified SaaS app configuration using a template. Web Interface Features.

Setting Up a Web Interface Site. Creating a Web Interface 5. Configuring Communication with the Web Interface. Configuring Policies for Published Applications and Desktops. Both SmartAccess and SmartControl have the same prerequisites. Endpoint Analysis EPA scans are completely optional. Endpoint Analysis is supported on Windows and Mac devices. If you want to allow mobile device connectivity, then make sure you have an access mechanism e.

Citrix ADC Workspace app does not support Classic EPA. EPA can be one of the factors of an nFactor flow. EPA can be performed before authentication, or after authentication. There are two methods of Classic Endpoint Analysis: pre-authentication and post-authentication. For pre-authentication, configure an Endpoint Analysis expression in a Preauthentication Policy.

For post-authentication, configure the Endpoint Analysis expression on one or more Session Policies. The EPA plug-in is automatically deployed when the user connects to Citrix Gateway — either before the logon page, or after the logon page. This article describes how to extract the plug-in. In both cases, you enter the name of a matching Gateway Virtual Server, and the name of a matching Session Policy or Preauthentication Policy. Icon visibility — Access Control at the Delivery Group controls visibility of icons published from that Delivery Group.

The SmartControl feature lets you configure some of the SmartAccess functionality directly on the appliance. Also using the expression editor i cannot find the AAA. The noAuth policy should have assigned the next factor? I configured a quarantine group in the initial EPA policy. Any ideas? ADC is I can login, see EPA startup as a post auth process but it always allows the client to connect, even when the is a client expression that should cause the client to fail.

Thanks Carl. Just trying to determine the best route. Hi Carl, Thanks for this, great job!! Does this need to be a website accessible from the StoreFront? EPA is not strictly necessary for SmartAccess. Once activated and replicated to all of your Storefront Servers it should work immediately. Hi Carl. I am huge fan of your and I propably do nothing without checking out your blog.

Hi Carl, big fan or your blog. I want to setup a expression to limit the minimum version of local installed receivers on clients PC. However I can not find anything useful. Can you point me to the right directions please? However, this might only be there if Workspace app is installed as administrator. I will not find the Case-ID in the ns. Just client logging is not usefull. I wrote an exclusion for all non-windows devices, preventing any kind of EPA checks.

If I use the manual configuration with web interface mode, Workspace App prompts for credentials and all works fine, but I lose some good feature eg Face id authentication for login. I tried to configure a Policylabel higher priority with only a policy with an LDAP action but of course it does not work. Hi Carl, just a quick update on my request.

I had similar difficulties with session policies under Citrix Gateway, but after trying for couple of times it eventually accepted the expression, and only after being able to create the first session policy with the EPA Expression the OPSWAT EPA Editor link became visible in new policies.

Not under AAA, but under Gateway, yes. I have configured pre-authentication policy on my Netscaler VPX appliance. I need your help to fix this issue. The GUI seems to indicate that you can. According to CTX, it is possible to check the presence of an antivirus without mentioning specific vendors.

Is there a way to check whether the antivirus in place is active? Thanks so much for clarifying this. Could you please help us in a scenario where we have 4 access profiles,3 with different permit rules. When you bind the policy and set priority, what is the «goto expression» value? Both features require Citrix Gateway Universal licenses for every concurrent connection. Additional Citrix Gateway Universal licenses can be acquired through other means.

See Feature Licensing in the Gateway Tweaks post for details. The Universal licenses are allocated to the hostname of the appliance click the gear icon to change it , not the MAC address. In a High Availability pair, if each node has a different hostname, then you can allocate the licenses to one hostname, then reallocate to the other hostname. In the Basic Settings section, click the pencil icon.

Click More. Run asnp citrix. Edit a Gateway. Once the prerequisites are in place, do the following as detailed below: Optionally, configure Endpoint Analysis. Configure either SmartControl or SmartAccess. The easiest way to find EPA is to use the Search box on the top of the left menu. The expression is either true , or an expression that defines who needs EPA scanning. If you are configuring post-authentication EPA, then you can use group membership e. If you want authentication to continue even with a failed EPA scan, then bind another policy to the Policy Label.

Bind the NoAuth policy to the Policy Label. In earlier factors that authenticate the user, when binding an authentication policy, click in the Select Next Factor field and select your EPA Policy Label. EPA as later factor overrides the password collected in earlier factors causing Single Sign-on to StoreFront to fail and this checkbox fixes that problem.

On the tab named Session Profiles , click Add. Name it FullAccess or similar and click Create.

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