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Fortinet unified threat management

fortinet unified threat management

This book presents, explores, and explains the features and benefits that UTM can deliver to your network, within the context of today's rapidly evolving. Configuring Fortigate Unified Threat Management Appliances. Build up your network security knowledge by learning how to use the no. 1 UTM Appliance. Every Fortinet FortiGate UTM appliance supports the same network security features: application control, advanced persistent threat protection, Web and content. ULTRAVNC X64 INSTALL

These resources are updated whenever new spam messages are received, so you do not need to maintain any lists or databases to ensure accurate spam detection. You can use your own IP address lists and email address lists to allow or deny addresses, based on your own needs and circumstances. Data leak prevention allows you to define the format of sensitive data. The FortiGate unit can then monitor network traffic and stop sensitive information from leaving your network.

Rules for U. Although you can block the use of some applications by blocking the ports they use for communications, many applications do not use standard ports to communicate. Application control can detect the network traffic of more than applications, improving your control over application communication. This module allows for the offloading of certain processes to a separate server so that your FortiGate firewall can optimize its resources and maintain the best level of performance possible.

A profile is a group of settings that you can apply to one or more firewall policies. Each Security Profile feature is enabled and configured in a profile, list, or sensor. These are then selected in a security policy and the settings apply to all traffic matching the policy. For example, if you create an antivirus profile that enables antivirus scanning of HTTP traffic, and select the antivirus profile in the security policy that allows your users to access the World Wide Web, all of their web browsing traffic will be scanned for viruses.

Because you can use profiles in more than one security policy, you can configure one profile for the traffic types handled by a set of firewall policies requiring identical protection levels and types, rather than repeatedly configuring those same profile settings for each individual security policy. For example, while traffic between trusted and untrusted networks might need strict protection, traffic between trusted internal addresses might need moderate protection.

To provide the different levels of protection, you might configure two separate sets of profiles: one for traffic between trusted networks, and one for traffic between trusted and untrusted networks. Each is used to configure how the feature works. Would X. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Application control uses traffic analysis to determine which application generated the packet. This will ensure you receive new IPS signatures as soon as they are available. Enable the signatures for the software you have installed and set the signature action to Block. For example, if you have a web server, configure the action of web server signatures to Block. Suspicious traffic attributes Network traffic itself can be used as an attack vector or a means to probe a network before an attack.

Application control While applications can often be blocked by the ports they use, application control allows convenient management of all supported applications, including those that do not use set ports. Application control recommendations Some applications behave in an unusual manner in regards to application control. By default, application control allows the applications not specified in the application control list.

For high security networks, you may want to change this behavior so that only the explicitly allowed applications are permitted. Content inspection and filtering When the FortiGate unit buffers the packets containing files, email messages, web pages, and other similar files for reassembly before examining them, it is performing content inspection. AntiVirus The FortiGate antivirus scanner can detect viruses and other malicious payloads used to infect machines.

AntiVirus recommendations Enable antivirus scanning at the network edge for all services. Use FortiClient endpoint antivirus scanning for protection against threats that get into your network. This will ensure you receive new antivirus signatures as soon as they are available.

Examine antivirus logs periodically. Take particular notice of repeated detections. For example, repeated virus detection in SMTP traffic could indicate a system on your network is infected and is attempting to contact other systems to spread the infection using a mass mailer. The builtin-patterns file filter list contains nearly 20 file patterns. Many of the represented files can be executed or opened with a double-click. If any of these file patterns are not received as a part of your normal traffic, blocking them may help protect your network.

This also saves resources since files blocked in this way do not need to be scanned for viruses. To conserve system resources, avoid scanning email messages twice. Scan messages as they enter and leave your network or when clients send and retrieve them, rather than both. FortiGuard Web Filtering The web is the most popular part of the Internet and, as a consequence, virtually every computer connected to the Internet is able to communicate using port 80, HTTP. Block categories such as Pornography, Malware, Spyware, and Phishing.

These categories are more likely to be dangerous. Many IP addresses used in spam messages lead to malicious sites; checking them will protect your users and your network. Email filter Spam is a common means by which attacks are delivered. Email filter recommendations Enable email filtering at the network edge for all types of email traffic. Use FortiClient endpoint scanning for protection against threats that get into your network.

DLP Most security features on the FortiGate unit are designed to keep unwanted traffic out of your network while DLP can help you keep sensitive information from leaving your network. While DLP can detect sensitive data, it is more efficient to block unnecessary communication channels than to use DLP to examine it. Security Profiles components AntiVirus Your FortiGate unit stores a virus signature database that can identify more than 15, individual viruses. You can also write custom signatures, tailored to your network.

Application Control Although you can block the use of some applications by blocking the ports they use for communications, many applications do not use standard ports to communicate. ICAP This module allows for the offloading of certain processes to a separate server so that your FortiGate firewall can optimize its resources and maintain the best level of performance possible. Fortinet, which is based in California, has been focused on UTM appliances since From the start, Fortinet has focused on using custom application-specific integrated circuits for network processing and content inspection to reach high performance levels.

Strengths: Fortinet continues to have the highest visibility of UTM providers among Gartner clients, and is the company most frequently mentioned by competitors. FortiGuard Labs is a strong source of threat and vulnerability information. Cautions While the management user interface has improved, it is still rated lower than competing offerings by Gartner clients. Users would like to see more flexible log filtering and viewing.

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Unified Threat Management

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fortinet unified threat management

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