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Winscp windows command line

winscp windows command line

In addition to graphical interface, WinSCP offers scripting/console interface with many commands. The commands can be typed in interactively, or. WinSCP is an open-source FTP client for Microsoft Windows. Development began in , and it is maintained by Martin Prikryl. In addition to its GUI. Create a text file containing the following lines, using a text editor You can execute the "gorg.help-1s.ru" script in Windows Command. MYSQL WORKBENCH FOR WINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2

The first connection to an SSH server requires verification of the host key. To automate the verification in script, use -hostkey switch of open command to accept the expected host key automatically. You can find the key fingerprint on Server and Protocol Information Dialog. You can also copy the key fingerprint to clipboard from the confirmation prompt on the first interactive connection using Copy key fingerprints to clipboard command in the script, use SHA fingerprint of the host key only.

Learn more about obtaining host key fingerprint. To automate the verification in script, use -certificate switch of open command to accept the expected certificate automatically. If you are going to run the script under a different account for example using the Windows Task Scheduler , make sure the script does not rely on a configuration settings that might differ on the other account.

When using registry as configuration storage , the settings are accessible only for your Windows account. Ideally, make sure the script does not rely on any external configuration, to make it completely portable.

For details, see the next section and Why does WinSCP not work in a new environment operating system, machine, user account, network , when it works for me in a different environment already? While this can be useful in some cases, it can also be a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that change to configuration in graphical mode may break your script common example is enabling Existing files only option for synchronization.

Also the script is not portable to other machines, when it relies on an external configuration. If you want to protect your script from such inadvertent change or if you want to make the script portable, you should isolate its configuration from graphical mode explicitly. The best way to do that is to configure all the options you need using script commands only option command, switches of other commands, session URL , or if no such command is available, using raw site settings and raw configuration.

Particularly, if you are running multiple scripts in parallel, to prevent different instances of WinSCP trying to write it at the same time. In the example below, WinSCP connects to example. Then it connects to the same server with the account user2 and uploads the file back. Save the script to the file example. To execute the script file use the following command. When you find yourself limited by scripting capabilities, you may consider converting your script to code that uses WinSCP.

NET assembly. Documentation » Features ». Generally do surround reference by double-quotes to cope properly with spaces in its value. Ability to encrypt information about remote sites using a master password. However, this option is only available in interactive mode and cannot be used with scripting.

Configuration data can be stored in either Windows registry or in configuration files. INI , for use with portable executables. Usually, the software is installed from an installation package like any other software packages. This is how most people use it. The software can also be run directly from an executable file without installing it.

This is called portable mode. It allows running the software from USB sticks, which can provide some extra security when using public computers. However, malware running on the computer could easily corrupt the software on the USB stick or steal encryption keys from the application's memory. Thus the extra security is largely illusory. The software implements a simple scripting language that can be used to automate certain operations with a server. The scripting language relies on credentials stored in local files.

The scripting language implements the following commands. Commands requiring input are not supported. For the SFTP protocol, password may be hard-coded in the command or public key authentication may be used. For interactive sessions, the user may type the password. The software provides COM interfaces for any. The interfaces are provided by the winscpnet. More complex automation can be implemented in any such language.

PowerShell is one such language; C , VB. While the application does not have a full terminal emulator, it does support a command line mode for executing commands remotely. The command line mode does not support commands that require keyboard input. It is possible to use the application in conjunction with PuTTY to have access to full terminal capability. Guides exist for using the application with several cloud services. Hardcoded passwords - compliance violation.

Opening a large directory can hang the application for an extended period, particularly over long-distance networks.

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Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Modified 5 years ago. Viewed 3k times. If I have a session named "hpc" and I run: winscp hpc I get into command line mode. Improve this question. Martin Prikryl k 49 49 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Zohar Levi Zohar Levi 5 5 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. See if this helps: winscp. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Make sure you use a full GUI executable name: winscp.

Improve this answer. Community Bot 1 1 1 silver badge. Martin Prikryl Martin Prikryl k 49 49 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Damn, I didn't pay attention. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. In the path you can use the same patterns as in the logging preferences. The value can be in range -1 … 2 for Reduced , Normal , Debug 1 and Debug 2 logging levels respectively.

Specify maximum size in bytes, optionally with K , M or G units. Note that when using winscp. In the latter case each following parameter is treated as single command. See syntax section and examples below for details how to deal with spaces and double-quotes. When the last command is not exit , regular non-batch mode follows.

With winscp. When the parameter is used, the get command will stream the downloaded file s to the standard output, when - is used as a download target. By default or with the binary flag , the files are streamed unmodified. With the chunked flag, the files are individually encoded using Chunked transfer encoding , what allows separating contents of multiple streamed files.

When the parameter is used, all console output that would normally be printed to the standard output is redirected to the error output. Streaming is supported with the SFTP protocol only. When the parameter is used, the put command will stream the standard input to the remote server, when - is used as an upload source.

Also prevents error message popping up when fatal error occurs while starting WinSCP. You can have WinSCP generate a scripting command-line for you. The following parameters can be used to create a shortcut that initiates operation in GUI mode. They are not intended for automation, for that see scripting. The switch can also be used together with a file URL for the same effect, overriding the default download action.

A dialog to set options is displayed first. Alternatively you can specify a number of seconds, to actually show the settings dialogs, but have them automatically submit after the specified time elapses. If a session is specified on command-line, only instances that have that session as active are refreshed. It effectively disables using registry as configuration storage.

If the file does not exist, default configuration will be used and the file will be created. Use nul instead of path to force WinSCP start with its default configuration and not save the configuration on exit. The parameter must come after a session URL if any. The configuration set this way is preserved.

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