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Which languages were used when developping anydesk

which languages were used when developping anydesk

Learn why a development team is essential for IT businesses and gain an inside view into AnyDesk Software Development with Matthias and. If you are using AnyDesk, it might not be new to you that we use military-grade security technology, which makes our product one of the most. Can I use AnyDesk with Windows Terminal Server? We also plan and develop AnyDesk for the mobile platforms. Apple iPad (iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina or. REMMINA UNABLE TO CONNECT TO VNC SERVER

Gamers will recall those times when playing a computer game required installing it from a floppy disc or CD onto a hard drive. Needless to say, the digital age has advanced the way we install video games today, as downloading from legal gaming platforms has replaced the good old CD-ROM. Now, did you know that you can use AnyDesk to start the download of a PC game remotely while being out and about?

A colleague of ours had missed the release of a long-anticipated game. With AnyDesk installed on her smartphone and home computer, this was no big deal! She easily accessed her PC at home through her mobile device to start the download of the game while eating out at a restaurant.

Since the game was in high demand, the download took about two hours, but was finished by the time she got home, ready to install. Now how cool is that? We often hear that Security seems to be the biggest concern when it comes to Remote Desktop Software. If you are using AnyDesk, it might not be new to you that we use military-grade security technology, which makes our product one of the most secure Remote Desktop Solutions on the market.

But did you know that AnyDesk has additional security tweaks that can be enabled by each user individually? We offer an Auto-Disconnect option, for instance, that can be enabled in the security settings. The user can set a time limit for a session to disconnect automatically if the initiating user and the remote end are inactive.

Imagine the extra layer of security this tweak can hold for you and your business, as sessions cannot be taken over easily by other individuals in your surroundings in case you walk away from your device with the session still running in the background.

You might wonder if they ever encountered any obstacles or struggles when they launched AnyDesk as a successful business. And most definitely, there is no picture-perfect success story. Transforming an idea into something tangible is hard. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work. It might be difficult to grasp, but did you know that the three founders of AnyDesk paid themselves a salary of only 1, Euros each per month for the first two years?

They never abandoned their vision, followed through with their plans, and ultimately created a successful product, making AnyDesk the major player it is today. As one of the 50 fastest-growing businesses in Germany, we get asked quite often whether we currently hire new personnel, and the answer is YES! Did you know that AnyDesk is growing so fast that the company is currently looking to fill over 70 open positions across departments? By the end of last year, AnyDesk only had about 97 employees.

Fast forward to the end of , the number of employees has increased to a total of After subscribing, you will receive an email to this email address, in which you will be asked to confirm your subscription in order to prevent someone from subscribing with a different email address "double-opt-in procedure".

We record all newsletter subscriptions in order to prove the legal conformity of the subscription process. This includes storing the time of registration and confirmation as well as the IP address. Newsletters are sent on the basis of the recipient's consent, which can be withdrawn at any time Art. The subscription process is recorded on the basis of our legitimate interests for the purpose of proving that it has been conducted properly Art.

If we commission a service provider to send emails, this is done on the basis of our legitimate interests in an efficient and secure mailing system Art. Please note: The newsletters may contain a so-called web beacon also called tracking pixel , i. As part of this retrieval, we collect technical information, such as information about the browser and your system, as well as your IP address and the time of retrieval.

On the one hand, this information is used to improve our newsletters on the basis of the technical data or to determine target groups and their reading behavior on the basis of their retrieval locations which can be determined using the IP address or access times.

On the other hand, this analysis includes determining whether or not the newsletters are opened, when they are opened, and which links are clicked on. For technical reasons, this information can be assigned to the individual email addresses of the newsletter recipients.

However, neither we nor the mailing service provider commissioned by us will make such an assignment; the data is evaluated exclusively to adapt our contents to the reading habits of our users. This evaluation takes place, subject to the express consent of the user to receive the newsletter, on the basis of our legitimate interests for the purpose of using a user-friendly and secure newsletter system which both serves our business interests and meets the expectations of the users Art.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time, i. A link to unsubscribe from our newsletters can also be found at the end of each newsletter. We integrate various functions and content from third-party providers e. For this purpose, the third-party providers process the IP addresses of the users, since without the IP address they would not be able to send the content to their browsers.

When you click on one of our social media buttons, the data is transferred to the corresponding social network via the so-called "Shariff" application. Instead of your browser, a connection with the server of the respective social network platform is established by the server on which our website is located, i. A "Shariff" button establishes direct contact between the social network and you as a user only when you actively click on the "Share" button.

You can recognize the respective provider of the plugin by the marking on the box or in the circle above its respective first letter or the logo. In addition, third-party providers may use so-called pixel tags also known as web beacons in order to evaluate visitor flows. This exclusively pseudonymous information may also be stored in cookies on the user's device and may contain technical information about the browser and operating system, websites to be referred to, the time of visit, and other details on the use of our website, and may also be linked to such information from other sources.

With regard to the legal basis and the individual opt-out options, please refer to the information on the use of cookies in this Privacy Policy. We integrate videos from the YouTube platform on our website, in particular via a plugin, in order to provide you with visually rich information about our products and technical processes. In doing so, we use the YouTube "No Cookies" function, i. Therefore, videos are accessed via youtube-nocookie.

When the relevant pages are accessed, however, the IP address and other data mentioned under "Log files" are transferred and thus, in particular, information is provided as to which of our Internet pages you have visited. However, this information cannot be associated with you if you are permanently signed in to YouTube or another Google service when you access the page. When you start playing such an integrated video by clicking on it, the YouTube privacy-enhanced mode on your device only stores cookies that do not contain any personally identifiable information, unless you are currently signed in to a Google service.

These cookies can be blocked via certain browser settings and extensions. With regard to the legal basis, please also refer to the information on the use of cookies in this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, we integrate Google Maps on our website in order to include an interactive map directly on the website to determine our company location and to allow you to conveniently use the map function for better navigation. In certain versions, the integration means that when the user accesses the website, Google may set cookies with which a connection to the Google network is established.

The legal basis for the integration of Google Maps and the associated data transfer to Google is your consent Art. Please refer to the information on the use of cookies in this Privacy Policy. We also integrate a plugin for the "Prescreen" eRecruiting system on our website. This allows us to place job advertisements under the ". Cookies may be used on our website to record users of application forms. The legal basis for this is your consent Art.

For more information, please refer to "Job offers and application process". We use the "Wordfence Security" service to protect our website from viruses and malware and to fend off attacks by computer criminals. IP addresses are stored on the third-party servers, in particular, to protect against so-called brute-force and DDoS attacks.

IP addresses classified as harmless are placed on a white list. The protection of our website and its users constitutes a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. In addition, the plugin uses cookies to recognize whether the visitor of our website is a human or a robot. In this respect, please refer to the information on the use of cookies in this Privacy Policy.

The Live Traffic View option of the plugin is disabled as it is not mandatory. We also use the multilingual WPML plugin in order to offer you our website in different languages. The design of our website that is comprehensible for as many users as possible constitutes a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art.

For this purpose, when you visit our website, WPML sets a cookie in order to store the language setting you have selected. This plugin ensures the technical optimization of our website for search engines while supporting us in the development of content on our website. This is done to make sure that customer groups interested in our offers can easier find us on the Internet, which is a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art.

The plugin uses cookies. For the evaluation of visitor flows on our website, we may record the behavior, interests or demographic information of the users of our website as pseudonymous values. Based on this audience analysis, we can, for example, identify under which IP address, at what time and from where certain contents of our website or its functions are most frequently accessed, or invite the user to use them again. This also allows us to better understand which functions or content of our website require optimization because they are not accessed as often or not at all.

For this purpose, we create and store user profiles in a file a so-called cookie , or we may use similar procedures with the same purpose. On the one hand, to protect the users, we use a so-called IP masking procedure pseudonymization by shortening the IP address when storing the users' IP addresses.

On the other hand, in the context of web analysis and optimization, no real user ID data is stored i. Therefore, we do not know the actual identity of the users. We use the stored data exclusively for the aforementioned purposes in their pseudonymous user profiles.

User profiles can be created and stored in a file cookie to display advertising content or to market advertising space online marketing. These data can be used to determine the users' potential interests and to measure the effectiveness of online marketing. The stored data may include content accessed, websites visited, online networks used, as well as communication partners and technical information, such as the IP address, the browser used, the computer system used, and information on usage times.

If users have consented to their location data being collected, this data may also be processed. The following shall also apply in the case of online marketing: We use a so-called IP masking procedure pseudonymization by shortening the IP address when storing IP addresses.

In the context of web analysis and optimization, no real user ID data is stored i. We use these stored data exclusively for the aforementioned purposes in their pseudonymous user profiles. In exceptional cases, real ID data may be assigned to the user profiles if the respective user is a member of a social network whose online marketing process we use and with whose providers the users have entered into agreements e.

Otherwise, we only have access to summarized information about the success of our advertisements, i. In general, the data stored in the cookies or using comparable processes may also be read on other websites which use the same online marketing process and, in turn, may be analyzed for the purpose of displaying content, supplemented with further data if necessary, and stored on the server of the online marketing process provider. With regard to the legal basis for online marketing processes and the individual opt-out options, please refer to the information on the use of cookies in this Privacy Policy.

We use the so-called review widgets on the AnyDesk website to allow our customers to review providers and products, and for our own quality management. In the process, a reference to the results of the review of our products by customers offered by a service provider named in there is integrated via a linked page or image element. When the image element is called up, the service provider's web server automatically saves the IP address and the information listed under "Log files".

Further personal data may be transferred to the respective service provider if you have decided to review our products according to their terms and conditions. This data processing takes place on the basis of Art. We use Customer Relationship Management CRM systems to maintain our customer relationships as part of our online presence. They help us to effectively systematize, manage and document product-relevant information offers and communication with our customers.

This is done using software solutions which integrate the following aspects when using our website:. With regard to the legal basis and the individual opt-out options, please refer to the information on the aforementioned topics and the services used in this Privacy Policy.

In the case that you are already a registered customer of AnyDesk, the Web Analysis and Online Marketing services may contain specific information about your customer, contact and contract information that shall be linked with your account. The legal basis for the use of this personal data is our legitimate interests in improving our website to make it easier for the customers to use it and to provide additional information and offers pertaining to our services Art.

In order to deliver the contentof our website, i. In doing so, we establish a connection to the server of the CDN service provider and transfer your IP address there. If you are signed in with an existing user account with this service provider while visiting our website, this service provider can also associate your visit to our website with your user behavior. The legal basis for the use of a CDN and the associated data transfer are our legitimate interests in improving our website to make it easier for the customers to use it Art.

In addition, the service provider can send further cookies to your browser. Service provider: Hotjar Ltd. Privacy Statement: www. Privacy Policy: www. In order to establish the data connection when using our remote desktop app, you must install the AnyDesk software client on your device and activate the acquired license key in your user account.

Then, when you start the software client, the following data will be stored for the reasons mentioned above existing data will be overwritten and assigned to an AnyDesk customer ID:. Parts of these data are also processed in order to analyze whether and on which connection path your device is available for connection to other devices.

When the remote data connection takes place between the connection partners, the session data are transferred to the software client of the other connection partner via our master server and taking into account, in particular, the locations and the current load certain routing servers. AnyDesk itself does not access these session data.

We store the following usage data for the purposes also mentioned in here existing data will be overwritten :. We may also contact you via in-app messages, in compliance with the legal requirements, if the communication is necessary for the purposes of administration or use of the application, or to inform you about changes or improvements to our products or completely new products, to invite you to participate in surveys, or to give you tips on how to get the most out of our products.

For this purpose, we will process the above-mentioned usage data as well as your customer ID. The data processing necessary for the verification of the usage authorization and the provision of the functionalities of the application itself serves to fulfill contractual obligations Art.

In addition, we process data if this is required to secure the application or protect our legitimate business interests Art. Otherwise, data will only be processed to the extent to which you as the user have expressly given your consent Art. Please note that the opt-out or revocation of the respective authorizations may affect the functionality of our application. In our app you will find the Google Speech-to-Text function.

This function is used to compose voice messages and send them to the Google Cloud for conversion into character strings. The Google Speech-to-Text function is provided as an option. Data is therefore only transmitted to Google when you press the microphone icon. This activates the microphone you are using and you now have the option of converting the spoken language into text. The purpose is to enable a more comfortable and user-friendly use of our app.

By converting the spoken words and sentences into text through Google Speech-to-Text, the processes are accelerated and simplified. The legal basis for the processing is Art. Our legitimate interest is to improve the functionality and usability of our app. If you activate the microphone icon and make a voice input, Google receives the spoken sentence in order to convert it into text.

For example, it may be necessary to engage a third-party provider to provide some aspects of Google's services, such as data storage or transmission. In these cases, that provider is subject to contractual obligations of security and confidentiality. Google does not share your audio content with other parties for any other purpose.

AnyDesk does not store your data as part of the Speech-to-Text function. Your data is passed directly to Google for conversion. By default, Google does not log a customer's audio data or transcripts. Google uses customer data to optimise and improve the speech recognition service, only if you sign up for the data logging program.

AnyDesk has chosen not to enroll in the data logging program in order to protect your personal data. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that Google may retain audio files. The provision of your personal data is voluntary and is not required by law or contract. However, without the data transfer to Google-Speech-to-Text, a conversion of your spoken language into text is not possible.

Please read the information about your right to object according to Art. We collect and aggregate user telemetry data in connection with the provision of our services for the following purposes:. Identifier for interaction: login, frontend, click events, undraggable, auto-update, etc. The processing of telemetry data is based on the user's consent according to Art.

The data will only be processed as long as your consent is given or for 2 years. Provision mandatory or required This consent is voluntary. If it is not given, you will not have any disadvantages. This consent can be revoked at any time with effect for the future. The revocation of consent is possible at any time with effect for the future and can be done by using the deactivation button.

We offer personal users of our licensed products i. In this case, we may analyze your usage data see above under "Applications" in line with our "AnyDesk Free" Supplementary Terms and Conditions in order to be able to assess whether your behavior pattern aligns with the contractual purpose of use and thus to the selected license type license audit. If, based on the results of this analysis, a fee-based license is required, we reserve the right to restrict or even block your access to our server services and we will ask you to purchase a fee-based license.

This takes place in an automated decision-making process according to our system settings. You can contact our Support at any time to ask us to reassess your user behavior. We will inform you beforehand which information you will need to provide. The automated decision-making process as part of the license audit and the use of automated mechanisms based on it such as the restriction or blocking of non-contractual uses is essential for the effective control of compliance and, if necessary, the enforcement of our license terms with regard to the considerable number of users of the free version of our application.

Since the use of the free version can only be financed through paid usage relationships, this automated decision-making process is necessary to fulfill our contractual services for private users, as it must be effectively ensured that all users use our application within the contractually agreed license scope. The legal basis for this is Art. Our company maintains an online presence within various social networks social media.

We process data of active users of these social networks in order to communicate with them there or to offer information about AnyDesk. This processing takes place on the basis of our legitimate interests in effective information for users and communication with users under the applicable framework conditions of the respective social medium in accordance with Art. If you, as a user of the respective social medium, are asked to give your consent to data processing e.

If it is technically possible for us to influence the processing operations relevant to the data protection regulations of the respective social media you have accessed, we will do so in the sense of data minimization within the meaning of Art. However, please note that your use of the respective social networks is subject to their terms and conditions and data processing guidelines.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that your data may also be processed outside the European Union. On the one hand, this could make it more difficult to enforce your rights. On the other hand, the data collected when using the functionalities of the social networks may also be analyzed and processed for market research and advertising purposes. This is done by storing your usage behavior and the resulting interests and preferences as usage profiles in cookies and by placing advertisements based on these profiles inside and outside the social networks that presumably match your interests online marketing.

If you as a user are also a member of the respective social networks and are signed in to them, the usage profiles may also store data that are independent of those of the end devices you are using. Information and notes on the respective forms of processing and the opt-out options can be found in the privacy policies and details of the operators of the respective networks. Since only the respective operators of the social networks have access to the data processed by them, you would also need to make requests for information in this regard and assert your rights as a data subject with them.

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