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Comodo blacklist

comodo blacklist

Comodo Antispam Gateway service allows the administrator of a domain to configure recipients or senders in whitelist or blacklist. Recipient Blacklist page of Comodo Antispam Gateway describes how to configure CASG will automatically block all emails to blacklisted recipients. Google blacklists more than 10, sites daily, 90% of which are said to be hacked. Getting blacklisted can be harmful to your website. Google users will not. FILEZILLA SPYWARE

Remember, the use of a public anti spam blacklist like this one is something that system administrators decide for themselves and the organization they represent. They have to completely trust the contributors of the list. The accuracy that the domains included are really legitimate domains of spammers and it isn't poisoned by someone else that added an entry that isn't a spammer's domain.

This openness comes from the fact that anyone with a Github account can modify the spamdomains. It is something to be expected with an open source project, all are welcome to contribute anytime. The alternative is a commercial program that has a similar goal, due to security companies having more funding for research and development, their products tend to be more robust and more efficient than an open source alternative.

As for the fight against spam, the industry is slowly but surely winning the war. Google even started using advanced Artificial Intelligence to block spam in its Gmail service. That technique is a generation more sophisticated than what the open source anti spam blacklist mentioned earlier. For a business enterprise, the option is between adapting Google service as the email provider or host it through the traditional Microsoft Exchange-Outlook server. The former is good, as with the adoption of Gmail the company can save a lot of money when it comes maintenance of the mail system.

Companies that still choose the traditional Exchange Outlook setup have many choices as their anti spam system, and some are better than others. A business anti spam that is hosted remotely or hardware-based is expected not to bloat the mail server, as it does not reside in it. Such business anti spam prevents email delays and slow delivery from the outbox, this is in contrast to a software-based blacklist anti spam that needs to be queried if the domain used is blocked or not.

One such business anti spam is from Comodo. A trusted name in privacy and security, Comodo Dome Anti Spam is a remotely hosted solution for filtering malicious emails, virus infected attachments and phishing emails. The last column shows whether there is any attachment with the mail. The details such as user, subject, sender, recipient, date, reason and size of the mails requested for blacklisting can be viewed in two ways:.

View details of blacklisted requests in the same CASG window:. The headers give full details of the sender, route, recipient, sent date, mail type and so on and enable you to check the authenticity of the mail. Check the details of the mail and ascertain whether it is a spam mail or not. You can choose to either accept the mail or reject it.

If the request is accepted, the sender will be added to ' Sender blacklist '. If the mail is accepted, it will be released to the user's inbox. If it is rejected, the email will no longer be in the released emails list. Please note that emails will continue to remain in the Quarantined list irrespective of the action taken.

View details of blacklisted requests in a new CASG window. Accept the blacklist request from users. After viewing the details, you can choose to accept the request from user to add the sender to blacklist senders per user list. An alert will be displayed to confirm adding the sender to ' Blacklist Senders Per User '. The sender of the email will be added to 'Blacklist senders per user '. See the section 'Blacklist Senders Per User ' for more details.

The sender will not be added to blacklist and the selected email will no longer be in the blacklisted emails list. Click anywhere on the 'Filters' tab to close the filters area. Click the 'Refresh' button to remove filters. You can add multiple filters to the same search by clicking.

Comodo Antispam Gateway Admin Guide ver 2. Blacklisted Requests The 'Quarantine' interface lets users view emails intended for them but moved to quarantine. The interface also lets users request that senders of quarantined mails are added to the blacklist. You can approve or reject the requests. Senders added to the blacklist after a request will only be blacklisted for the requester.

Subsequent mails from the sender to the user in question will be rejected. This applies even if the sender is in the general sender whitelist. View blacklisted requests Click 'Email management' on the left then select 'Blacklisted requests' The 'Blacklisted requests' interface will open: The interface shows all blacklist requests from users.

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